What Is Online Marketing?

How To Start Online Business

So I’ve harped on about Online Marketing for many years.

The question has got to be “why”?

Well, in all my monthly activity reports, you’ll read the following before the conclusion:


 So the big “why” behind my strong advocacy for online marketing is “time freedom”.

And that’s important because in the next few paragraphs as I explain what Online Marketing is, you will realize why it gives time freedom.

Definition of Online Marketing

To set the tone for this post, let’s have a look at definitions from two different sources:

  • Techopediaset of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting products and services through the Internet
  • Webopediaadvertising and marketing efforts that use the web and e-mail to drive direct sales via electronic commerce

In essence, from the above definitions, Online Marketing is using the internet to promote and sell products and services.

Online Marketing Challenges

Whilst the definition sounds simple, Online Marketing can get very confusing very quickly.

And there are a few reasons for this. I’ve listed the three that I have observed over the past few years.

Firstly, there is what I call information overload. Think about a puzzle that requires 100 pieces for completion. On the internet you have over 1 000 000 pieces and you have to choose the 100 that will help you complete your puzzle. Massive challenge!

Ponder the information below for a minute…

That’s my personal inbox as at 9 July 2016. There are over 10 000 unread messages, most of which come from online marketers.


Secondly, most ‘online marketers’ are shysters.  They sell you a lot of hype, with very little practical help to follow up with. And they sound and look legitimate – but they are simply there to rip you off.

They succeed in ripping people off because most people that look to the internet as an alternative income stream are often desperate. And these crooks ride on those emotions and desperation.

Having tried to start an online business since 2009, I have followed hundreds of Online Marketers. In the process, as you will see below, I’ve created hundreds of folders, most of which are online marketing related.

The names you will see in the folders below are genuine online marketers.

You are more than welcome to Google the following:

  • Brenda Gagne
  • Hannes Dreyer
  • Jay Abraham
  • Jim Daniels
  • Mike Filsaime

what is online marketing

what is online marketing

Now, if I have so many online marketing related folders, imagine how many marketers I’ve come across who have wasted my time and money?

I hope you get my gist.

Lastly, online marketing is a process that requires you to learn the art and skill of generating sustainable revenue. This means learning the theory, applying it (and making mistakes in the process) and then waiting the results.

For most people, anything that requires time and patience is a turn off. And this is a challenge because there are times where you simply want to give up.

Hopefully, having identified these challenges, I can help you overcome them by highlighting the activities and benefits of online marketing.

Online Marketing Activities

So what does selling products and services on the internet entail?

What I’m going to share is what most online marketers do. Although most are specialists in key areas, the underlying activities are the same.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results.

search engine optimization

For instance, if you Google the term “search engine optimization”, the first result that pops up is from Wikipedia. And that’s what every online marketer would love to see for keywords they target.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the paid version of SEO. Again, I’ll use the term “search engine optimization”. If you Google the term, the following advertisements appear:

paid seo

Unlike Wikipedia, the above four companies have paid to appear on page one of Google.

E-mail marketing

All successful online marketers collect and build a database. Over time, they communicate with that database with the ultimate objective of generating a sale.

Content Marketing

This is the process of creating and circulating content to your audience as part of your communication strategy. The blog post you are reading now is a form of content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

This is engaging potential and current customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the ultimate objective of sending them to your products and services.

Paid Advertising

Apart from SEM, there are other forms of paid advertising. There are 3 common ones:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): paying for people to click on ads placed on other websites, with the intention of directing traffic to your website
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV): paying for people to view your ads. Unlike PPC, where you pay only people click on the ads, with PPV, you pay when people see the ads
  • Social Media Advertising: paying for ads that you place on social media platforms.

All paid advertising is done with the objective of sending an audience to your site where they can view your products and services

Offering Products and Services

All the above activities would be useless if they were not intended at generating revenue either through the sale of a product, the offering of a service or both.

When offering products and services, there are 2 options:

  • offering your own products or services
  • offering other people’s products or services with the agreement that you will get paid a commission (Affiliate Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing are the most common form of such practice)

The most important thing to note is that all these activities can get very complex as well. For instance, E-mail marketing or Social Media Marketing are very broad. You can approach them from many different angles. And then you get to third level complexities.

What do I mean?

So, you’ve decided to engage in “Social Media Advertising”. You then decide you want to use “Facebook” as your advertising platform. Facebook advertising in itself is a very broad activity and can also be approached using different angles.

Do you now see how easily it is to get confused and overwhelmed?

My word of advice is KISS: Keep It Short and Simple.

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades. Find an angle that works and master it!

Benefits of Online Marketing

Given the challenges and the rather complex activities, why must anyone ever consider Online Marketing?

This takes us back to the very beginning of this post, where I mentioned the term “time freedom”.

What is time freedom?

It is the ability to do what you are really passionate about. I love running and changing people’s lives through the discipline of running.

Online Marketing allows me to do that because I am able to spend a significantly lower amount of time on my career than the average person and still achieve as much, if not more, productivity.

Our careers are the biggest time consumers. The average person who works a 9-5, spends 8 hours at work. Over a 5 day week, that’s 80 hours. Over 4 weeks, that’s 320 hours per month. This does not take it into consideration over time and travelling to and fro work.

In comparison to the 320 hours per month spent by the average person, my monthly activity reports indicate the following:

  • I spent an average of 94 hours per month on my career in the 1st quarter (Jan, Feb & March) of the year
  • I spent 81 hours on my career in April
  • I spent 68 hours on my career in May

Need I say more?

On average, I am spending 70% less time on my career than the average person. And I can only do that through Online Marketing.

And most importantly, I can do all the things that I love doing, whilst my online business continues to run itself.

Although “time freedom” is undoubtedly the ultimate benefit, there are other very key benefits that I’d like to highlight:

  • Unlimited growth – in revenue and and target audience reach
  • Low capital and running expenses
  • Global coverage: I can reach people all over the world
  • 24/7/365 business model: I can reach people at any time of the day
  • Targeted specific demographics: although the coverage is worldwide, you can hone in on specifics
  • Enhanced communication with current and potential customers
  • Efficient analytics that enables better control

How To Get Started With Online Marketing In A Matter Of Minutes

I’m always solutions driven.

And yep, you’ve guessed right, if you’d love to have time freedom doing what you really love, there’s a way.

Although the challenges are real, there’s a way.

If you’d like to get started, you can do by clicking on the banner below.

What Is Online Marketing


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Equally important, I hope this post has been helpful.

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