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In my January Activity Report, I announced that I’d be pursuing two additional business opportunties in my career. In February, I announced that those business opportunities were Herbalife and Wealthy Affiliate.

In this post, I’d like to give an overview of Herbalife.

Whilst millions around the world know about Herbalife, this post seeks to give a basic overview to anyone who has never heard about Herbalife.

Perhaps you’ve heard about it but you still aren’t 100% sure what it’s all about. I hope this post can clarify a few things.


History always gives some perspective. And that’s exactly where I’ll start.

Founded by Mark Hughes, Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has been changing people’s lives with great products since 1980.

Hughes passed away in 2000, but his vision for changing people’s lives – helping people manage their weight, regain their health and find financial prosperity – continues to thrive.

The company has over 7,800 employees worldwide, and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF) with net sales of $5 billion in 2014.


The crux and success of Herbalife lies around its high quality products.

The products are manufactured and developed on science-based nutrition and go through rigorous tests at every stage.

You’ll find an array of awesome products in the following categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight-management
  • Energy and fitness
  • Personal Care products

Testament to Herbalife’s commitment to high quality products is their “Customer Guarantee”.

It states that “We are confident that our customers will find our products satisfactory in every way. However, if for any reason, a retail customer is not completely satisfied with any Herbalife product purchased from Herbalife, we offer an exchange or full refund (excluding shipping charges). Simply request a refund from Herbalife within thirty (30) days from your receipt of the product…”

Below is a video from Chairman and CEO Michael Johnson, Professor David Heber, Ph.D and Herbalife staff explaining how Herbalife ensures quality in all its products and seed to feed supply chain:

To start using the products, you can go through the product catalogue. Once you’ve found products that appeal to you, you can:

  1. Place an order through the “Email me” tab
  2. Join as a member and place your products directly so you can enjoy discounts of up to 25%. To do this, you can communicate with me through the “Contact Me” page and indicate that you want to become a Herbalife Member.

Business Opportunity

Now that we’ve established what Herbalife offers in products, let’s explore the business opportunity.

For any business to succeed long term, you need quality products as a bare minimum. (we’ve ticked that box)

The business opportunity presents itself in that Herbalife products are available exclusively to and through dedicated Independent Herbalife Members.

In other words, products are sold exclusively by users of the products.

In the process, as a distributor, I am able to earn an income.

There are 3 basic ways to earn an income:

  1. Selling to Customers: Customers order the products through me as a distributor. I then buy the products on behalf of clients at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. The difference is my profit/ commission
  2. Converting Customers to Distributors: This is where I register customers so they can buy their products directly. I then make money from their continued purchases.
  3. Helping Distributors Sell The Products/ Market Themselves: This is where the distributors I have registered sell the products and/or recruit other distributors. I then earn income based on their continued purchases.

There are a number of commission levels based on the size of your network. But, the essence remains that Herbalife pays commission to its distributors based on the volume of products they are able to sell directly or through their network of distributors.

I did say that this is an overview. As such, I won’t go into the technicalities of the different levels and the commission they attract based on the volume they generate. That warrants a separate post and I’ll definitely publish shortly.

My personal verdict?

The information I’ve shared above is readily available on Google or the Herbalife website. I have merely summarized it so it makes logical sense for someone who wants an overview.

Now, I need to give you my subjective opinion on the products and business opportunity.

Products verdict

At publishing of this post, I have placed 3 order from Herbalife since I first joined in February:


At the moment, I order 3 products as you can see from order number: 6P00896653, placed on 29 March:

Herbalife Nutrition

As you can see from above, the 3 products are:

550g Formula 1 Shake

This is a tasty shake that comes in 7 flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Choc Mint, Vanilla, Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, Cookies & Cream and Tropical Fruit.

I have it once or twice a day.

I have it as a daily supplement to my breakfast. In addition, as a long distance athlete, I lose a lot of weight. For me, the shake helps me maintain a bit of my mass.

CR7 Drink

The product comes in 10 sachets that you can mix with 500 mls of water. I’ve used the product a number of times for my long runs – the longest run being a 60km training run.

It’s a fantastic

F2 Multivitamin Complex

We all know that multi-vitamins are vital. This for me, is a winner. The product comes with 90 tablets.

As an individual who does a lot of high intensity training and has a tried a number of products over many years, my verdict is that these are really awesome, good quality products.

Once again, this is a basic overview of the products I use. I will publish a much more in depth post on the products.

But, I love the products.

Business Opportunity verdict

It’s early days for me to give any concrete analysis or verdict.

I haven’t marketed the business much – online and/or off-line (marketing outside of the internet).

I have made 1 sale though. So that’s pretty cool.

In my monthly reports, I have made reference to the power of SYNERGY as I try to maximise my productivity.

It goes without saying that I am a health fanatic. I also use supplements regularly. So, my budget on supplements is approximately R750 per month.

So my motivation for pursuing this business opportunity is the following:

  • Alignment between my vision at Run For Wealth and Herbalife’s vision
  • Being in health and fitness industry, I know the value of good supplements and I would love to help others get the best products for their training
  • Potential to save on my monthly expenses by getting products at a discount
  • Generating an income by helping distributors sell the products and market themselves
  • Ability to grow opportunity by using my Direct Response Business Model (i.e. using Run For Wealth blog and online platform as a huge marketing tool)
  • Ability to manage my business online using the back-end administration platform that Herbalife provides

I am a bit disappointed that I can’t do business with people worldwide. There are limitations to the territories I can work in.

Overall, I think the business opportunity is a viable and fantastic one.

In future, I will give a very detailed analysis and verdict of what the business opportunity is able to offer.

And that brings me to the end of this post.

It’s the first of many pieces of content I’ll publish around Herbalife.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the read and found value in it.

God Bless!

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