6 Personal Leadership Factors That Are Guaranteed To Create Wealth In Any Area Of Your Life


What You Learn From This Free E-course:

  • Why defining Wealth in financial terms only is fundamentally flawed
  • A comprehensive understanding of the 8 Key Areas of your life
  • 4 Key Reasons why your Spirituality is your secret to effective leadership
  • How “Value-Centred” leadership is the most authentic type of leadership
  • Six “Whole New Level” Commitments that will get you ahead of 85% of society
  • Reasons why most people’s feelings prevent them from living abundantly… and how you can avoid that
  • 9-step framework for setting and achieving powerful goals
  • Why “Less Is More” – effective and wise usage of time requires you to do less
  • How to live a life of abundance by leading a balanced lifestyle

…. And much more