Want To Fly High And Far In Life? 13 Ways To Fly Like An Airbus A380

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I’m on board the Emirates Airbus A380, flying from Dubai to New York as I write this post.

I’m off to the Nike Coaches Global summit, where coaches from all over the world will get together to discuss one of the greatest sporting disciplines: running. It’s an awesome honour and privilege to be representing South Africa at this summit.

I’ve got one of my head phones on as I listen to Slikour’s “Dreamer” and Biggy Smalls’ “Juicy”.

Slikour, an incredible entrepreneur, and rap artist from my home country in South Africa starts his song by saying the following: “I sometimes dream, which is such a privilege. Some of us struggle to eat or live. Dreaming is a luxury”.

By “us”, I assume he’s making reference to black folk on the back-drop of apartheid, an oppression regime that lead to extreme poverty for black people in South Africa. Sadly, 21 years down the line, the majority of my fellow black people still suffer from poverty – financially and otherwise. (a topic for another day)

“Biggy Smalls” on the other hand was an amazing rap-artist who created much success in a very short space of time. He passed away at a very tender age of 25.

In his song “Juicy”, he says the following in his chorus: “You know very well who you are, don’t let them hold you down, reach for the stars.” In the latter parts of the song he further says: “Damn right I like the life I live cause I went from negative to positive”.

Both songs, compiled in completely different parts of the world, by artists who lived in different eras have a common theme: achieving dreams.

Dreaming and then going on to achieve those dreams, requires you to aim for the sky. In essence, you’ve got to aim to fly high and far in your life.

As I listen to these two songs, it could not be more appropriate to link those songs to my latest blog post on living a fulfilled life and creating wealth.

I really hope you enjoy the post.

1. Define Your Destination

No Airbus A380 leaves any airport without a clearly defined destination.

I’m on my way to New York. If I land up in Chicago or Los Angeles, I’m at the wrong place.

If you want to fly high and far in life, you need to define your life by having a precise Vision and/or Mission.

Everything else you will ever do with your life hinges on this.

2. Always Remember You Are Unique

There are numerous airline companies that fly millions of people each year. Emirates has a fleet of over 230 aircrafts. That’s a massive fleet.

But each and every single one of them has a unique identity. I’m on board the A6-EDZ as you can see below:


Likewise, you need to always remember that you are unique.

I’m in a flight with hundreds of people headed to New York. At JFK, there’ll be tons of planes landing round about the same time.

Despite all of that, all passengers on board this particular flight are unique. We might be headed to the same destiny, but why we go there is completely unique.

You’ll never fly high in life by being a carbon copy of someone else. Be unique!

3. Plan Your Trip

There is meticulous planning behind every single trip that an Airbus A380 does.

From the booking of the flight, to the checking in, boarding and seating arrangements – there’s a plan.

On board the flights, the cabin crew radios in to give you estimated arrival time, weather and additional useful information.

Over the entire trip, you have a screen that shows you the route. The eating times are scheduled.

I can go on and on about the amount of planning that goes into ONE trip.

Your life is no different. If you want to fly high like an Airbus, you need to plan and then work on your plan with faith and consistency.

4. Use the Power of Attraction

Flying high and far is an art that requires patience. This flight that I am on, is jam packed. Emirates is a massive brand. Having done some extensive research on the company, I can tell you with certainty that they have built this empire on the power of attraction.

When you are patient, you are able to build a reputation that begins to attract the right partners into your life.

My partnership with Nike is a God-engineered one. But, I had to initiate something – a passion for running. In September 2014, I launched Run For Wealth, and stared sharing running tips and my personal experiences on running. In addition, I used long distance running as a metaphor on how to build a successful and fulfilling life.

In September 2014, when I launched Run For Wealth, I had no idea I would be working with Nike. It was not in my wildest dreams.

What I did know was this – God would move in ways beyond my wildest imagination. I had to trust Him to bring the right people into my path. That is the power of attraction.

If you want to fly high and far, don’t be forceful and impatient. Provide value and build your life based on value-add and changing lives.

5. Allow for Upgrades

Flying high and wide is a process that entails different grades.

There are First Class, Business Class and Economy Class passengers on all international flights.

The pricing and services varies significantly between the two.

Likewise, in your life, start small. When most start out, their life is well poised for a fantastic fly but then they mess it up by wanting to live a “First Class” lifestyle when they are only at “Economy Class”.

If you rush, you’ll soon find yourself not flying at all.

Be patient and allow life to slowly upgrade you as you go along.

6. Abide by the Rules and Regulations

Life has rules and regulations. Some are clear cut and loud, whilst others are subtle.

As we were preparing to take off from Dubai, another aircraft landed and its run way went across the same run way we had to use to take off.

Dubai is the busiest airport in the world. If airline companies and pilots did as they pleased, without care for rules and regulations, there’d be hundreds of casualties every day.

Sadly, in our lives, we ignore the rules and regulations that guide us to a fruitful life.

Sometimes, you’ve got to be wise enough to know that not everything that is legal is good for you. Those are the subtle rules and regulations that you’ve got to set in motion in your own life to get ahead, fly high and far.

7. Be Teachable

At every given opportunity, you need to actively seek to learn something new.

Emirates has what they call I.C.E. – an acronym for Information, Communication and Entertainment. All of this is housed in the screen in front of your seat and you can watch and listen to anything under the three sections.

Contained in their Information section are various interviews conducted with significant business and government officials in Dubai.

Obviously, there was no ways I would not listen to these audio clips.

Two of the interviews included Dr Tomy Weir and Mohamed Alabba.

Dr Tomy Weir, author of The 10 Tips For Leading the Middle East, had the following to saying:

  • Develop Trust before you do any business. This you need to do over a cup of coffee
  • Avoid Leadership Colonialism. He says the quickest way to failure is a “know it all attitude”

Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar Properties – one of the largest property development companies in the UAE and developers of the tallest building in Dubai says the following:

  • Stay humble at all times. That way you are able to allow others to speak into your life and help you grow

It is no co-incidence that Emirates includes a section on “Information” in their content. It is also no co-incidence that they include a lot of content that encourages us to remain teachable at all times.

8. Build and Embrace a Strong Team

There’s ALWAYS a massive team behind every successful flight.

The booking agents are essential. The co-ordination between customs agents and the different flights is important.

The ground staff that have to pack your luggage, unpack it and pack it onto the next flight (if you are connecting flights) are incredibly vital. Imagine arriving at your destination and there’s no luggage? Disaster right?

transferring bags

The interesting part is that all the above takes place behind the scenes. These are the unsung heroes that add an incredible amount of value to the entire team.

Then there’s the team that you see: the air hostesses and the pilot.

All the above geared at ensuring that the flight is a pleasant one.

Considering the above, do you realize why self-made success is complete hogwash?

If you really want to fly high and far, build and embrace a strong team.

9. Give Impeccable Service

This goes without saying. Unfortunately, the reality is that impeccable service has become a luxury.


Well, most employees are just salary collectors. They find themselves doing jobs they don’t particularly enjoy. As a result, the primary driving force is often the payment of bills vs giving great service.

When you enter the Emirates Airbus, you simply cannot miss those flight attendants. Ready to help you – with a smile and excitement. Often though, the longer the flight, the less the energy. Honestly, on a 12 hour flight, I can understand a decrease in energy as long as it doesn’t enormously compromise my experience as a client.

Impeccable service seldom means perfect service. It simply means appreciate and value people. Generally speaking, people are understanding. Yes, you do get the odd %*#@. But that’s ok.

If you want to fly high and far, value and appreciate people. Deal with the odd #@#hole appropriately. In other words, take the majority of good and positive with a pinch of negative and sour experiences.

10. Embrace the Delays

Chasing your dreams and passion so you can fly high and far is no child’s play. There are massive challenges along the way that will either deter you or delay your progress.

Flights get delayed all the time. In an article published on Travel and Leisure, titled “Best and Worst Airlines for Flight Delays”, the author highlights the ranking of 16 airlines according to their punctuality. Punctuality is defined as flights sticking within 15 minutes of their schedules.

This is then reflected as their On Time Performance (OTP).

Hawaiian airlines tops the list with an OTP of 93.34%.  American Eagle brings up the rear with an OTP of 70.79%. The average for the 16 airlines is 78.67%.

Nobody wants to get delayed in life. It is frustrating to have to wait for the manifestation of your dreams. But, if you want to fly high and far, you’ve got to understand that delays will be a part of your journey.

I’m not talking about delays that are caused by procrastination, laziness and being slack. I’m talking about the delays that life deals you despite your quest for excellence.

11. Prepare for Worst Case Scenarios

The Airbus 380 will never leave before the safety announcement from cabin crew. Amongst other things, this announcement makes you aware of the “Exit” (escape) doors and the life-jackets allocated to every single passenger.

Exit doors and life jackets can only come into play in extreme, often life-threatening, circumstances.

Likewise, when planning for our destiny and success, we need to think of the worst case scenarios. This is not being pessimistic. This is merely putting together a contingency plan that caters for plans going pear-shaped.

And things will go pear-shaped. When you want to fly high and far – expect some egg on your face. You will fail at some of your plans.

However, when you are prepared for it – especially mentally and emotionally – you’ll be able to ride those moments of turbulence more effectively.

12. Enjoy the Ride

Who wants to go through all the emotional highs and lows that come with flying high and far and not enjoy the fruits?

When an Airbus A380 takes off, those couple of seconds on the runway are an absolute thrill. The power to accumulate speed as quickly as it does and then just launch as it takes off is second to none.

Not forgetting the therapy you get mid-air as you enjoy the great food, interesting chats with fellow-passengers and the entertainment provided.

emirates food

Never forget to build some pleasure into your life. It brings a dimension to your life that is second to none.

13. Fly With the Ultimate Aim of Carrying Others

The Airbus 380 is the world’s largest passenger airline. It can fly for a total of 15 000kms non-stop, at a speed of up to 1 000km/h.

Most importantly, it can seat up to 853 passengers. Ultimately, despite all its incredible features, the Airbus’ foremost priority is to carry large amounts of passengers.

Likewise, in your life and quest to fly high and far, never forget that your ultimate aim should always be to carry others and make a positive impact on their lives.

Well, that brings me to the end of this post.

I hope it helps you live the most fulfilling life you can.

God Bless!

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