Being an avid athlete and running a hectic schedule requires one to be incredibly fit.

One of the best ways to stay physically fit is through supplements.

Most of the supplements I use are from Herbalife. I also use supplements from Pace and Power.

I use supplements as follows:

  • Daily (Vitamins)
  • Gym (Pre and post workout)
  • Carbo loading (leading to race days)
  • Race day fuel (on the morning of my race and during the race)
  • Post race day (immediately after my races)

In my 7 years of running, I have run:

  • 5 Comrades Marathons
  • In excess of 15 Ultra-marathons
  • In excess of 40 Marathons

In all those years, I have only suffered two injuries.

One was a freak accident at a wedding. The other was a training related injury, caused by my own stupidity.

Given the amount of running and training that I do, I think my injury record is great.

As a result, I enjoy my running a great deal and am able to stay fit regularly. I also manage my training very well. And part of that management is using the right type of supplements.

If you are keen on buying supplements that I use, you are more than welcome to enter your details on your right.

God Bless!