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So, you’ve run a few marathons and would like to step it up a notch. Perhaps you’ve run an ultra-marathon before and would like to improve your time.

Whatever your objective, I’d like to welcome you to the “Run For Wealth” platform

If you are attempting an ultra-marathon for the first time, the trauma of long distance running is no longer a crippling issue. You are part of the crazy family already. Most ultra-marathons are 50 or 56kms long. For you, the bigger issue is successfully completing those extra 8 or 14 kms.

Ask any long distance athlete, the last 6 – 8kms of a marathon are a killer. In fact, at times, it takes you forever to complete a single kilometer you even feel like they’ve marked the distances incorrectly.

As such, running an ultra-marathon for the first time is no child’s play. For this reason, I’d like to say congratulations to you.

Improving your time is a good way to challenge yourself. Again, I’d like to say congratulations for taking on this challenge.

From the onset, let me say the following:

  1. I’ve run over 20 marathons in the past 4 years
  2. My personal best is a time of 3hrs 43 minutes, which I ran in 2013
  3. I’ve run over 10 ultra-marathons, with a personal best of 5hrs 08 minutes for a 56km race in 2013
  4. I’ve run 3 Comrades Marathons (89kms) with a personal best of 9hrs 24 minutes in 2011

If you are looking to improve your running ability and times, I believe I have enough running experience to assist you. I also believe that I have some good personal best times under my belt. I know what it takes to run a good race.

I finished in the top 25% with all the above-mentioned times.

However, I can’t lead you beyond a point I have never been myself. If your personal best times are consistently better than mine, it will probably be difficult for me to assist you to improve.


Well, the 2 programmes that I have put together are geared at helping the:

  • Novice complete a marathon (Yep, just to finish is a big deal!)
  • Athlete who has already completed a 50 or 56km race before to work towards running a:
    • 50km race in under 4hrs 45mins
    • 56km race in under 5hrs 30mins

I don’t have any advanced (sub 4hrs 20mins over 50kms; sub 4hrs 45mins for 56kms) or competitive (sub 3hrs 45mins over 50kms; 4hrs 15mins over 56kms) programmes because I have never run those times before.

What are the requirements of a good training platform?

A 50 or 56km race tests all the building blocks of running: endurance, strength, speed, nutrition and mental fitness.

As such you need a really good foundation before you run a marathon.

That foundation includes:

  • A solid understanding of The 8 Laws Of Successful Long Distance Running”
  • At least 10 weeks of regular exercise (minimum 5 times a week)
  • A training programme that includes cross-training
  • Completing at least one marathon race in the past 12 weeks (a run and a race are completely different)

If you don’t feel ready, I suggest you start with the “Running for Beginners” Programme that entails a:

  • 4 week “How To Walk” programme
  • 4 week “How To Walk and Run” programme
  • 6 week “How To Run for 35 minutes” programme
  • 6 week “How To Complete a 5km Run” programme

Perhaps you are not a beginner runner, but you still feel that you are not ready to start training for a marathon, I suggest you go through one of the following training programmes:

A solid foundation for an Ultra-marathon can take you anything between 6 and 56 weeks depending on your fitness levels.

That’s a total of 14 months!

You might have a look at the length and say: “this is too long!”.

If that’s you, please understand that there’s no rush.

Running is a lifestyle. You have your entire life to complete your first ultra-marathon. Most importantly, I want you to enjoy your running, stay injury free and begin to run in a way that will give you abundance and fulfilment in your spirit, mental attitude, relationships and finances.

There’s no point in rushing and getting injured in the process. Ultimately, you’ll end up hating the idea of running.

If you are a novice, I have a Novice ultra-marathon programme for you that focuses on all the running fundamentals.

If you’ve completed an ultra-marathon in the past 6 weeks and would like to improve, I have an Intermediate programme that focuses on improving any one of your running fundamentals.

I’ve already highlighted that the training programmes I’ve put together are based on experience. If you want to run well, follow them diligently and the results will come.

The plan includes the following important tips and considerations:

  • Getting a medical check-up
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Running comfortably
  • Working on your breathing
  • Running through pain
  • Sticking to the programme
  • Scheduling time into your diary
  • Split training
  • Gearing up appropriately
  • Drinking enough water
  • Getting used to your nutrition
  • Warming up
  • Building a solid support system
  • Make it exciting
  • Making safety a priority
  • Running on a good surface 
  • Studying the race route
  • Tracking your progress
  • Stretching

In addition, you need to ensure you are well-prepared before, during and after the race.

The programme includes over 15 Pre, Race-day and Post-race tips.

Get access to one of the following training plans for $15:

Download Free “Novice How To Complete an Ultra Marathon” Programme

Download Free “Intermediate How To Complete an Ultra Marathon” Programme