Download Free “How To Complete a 5km Run” Programme.

Running a distance of 5kms is the ultimate for any beginner athlete.

Although it’s a beginner distance, it does require a solid walk and run foundation that builds a bit of endurance. As such, you need to have at least 6 weeks of regular (minimum 3 times a week) exercise.

You must be able to run for total of 35 minutes, 20 of which should be run non-stop.

If you don’t feel ready, I suggest you start with our Running Tips for Beginners” Programme that entails a:

  • 4 week “How To Start Walking” Programme
  • 4 week “How To Walk and Run” Programme
  • 6 week “How To Run for 35 Minutes” Programme

Too many people want to complete a 5km run with 3 or 4 weeks of training. In the process, they injure themselves and end up hating what should be a great hobby.

It’s important to note that running should be approached as a life-style and not a once-off activity. As such, I really urge you NOT to rush.

The above 3 programmes are 14 weeks in length. That’s 3 and half months. I have designed it that way to ensure that you ease your way into running. More importantly, I want you to enjoy it.

14 weeks is NOTHING in comparison to a life-time. Running is a life-time activity!

The plan includes the following important tips and considerations:

  • Getting a medical check-up
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Running comfortably
  • Not worrying about speed
  • Running through pain
  • Sticking to the programme
  • Scheduling time into your diary
  • Gearing up appropriately
  • Drinking enough water
  • Warming up
  • Building a solid support system
  • Making it exciting
  • Making safety a priority
  • Running on a good surface
  • Tracking your progress
  • Stretching

Download Free “How To Complete a 5km Run” Programme