I ran my first World World Major Marathon in October 2017, when I successfully completed the Chicago Marathon.

As a Soweto born, travelling to Chicago was an amazing experience.

From my experiences, the concept of SowetoChicago was born with following objectives:

  1. Encourage South African marathon runners to run the Abbott World Marathon Majors, in particular the Chicago Marathon
  2. Encourage foreign runners to come and run the Soweto Marathon
  3. Showcase the amazing similarities between Joburg and Chicago, in particular Soweto and the South Side of Chicago
  4. Encourage a cultural exchange experience between runners in South Africa and abroad

I am currently working on Phase 1 of the project, which will be a documentary.

Phase 2 of the project will be getting a minimum of 100 SA runners to run the Chicago Marathon by end of 2019 and get a minimum of 100 foreign runners to run the Soweto Marathon.

2017 Chicago Marathon

2017 Chicago Marathon

God Bless!


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