September Activity Report

Time Management Activities

There are 10 days left to the end of 2016.

As I write this report, I realize what a massive task writing and publishing these monthly reports ON TIME has been.

I’m almost 3 months late with the publishing of my September Activity report.

Being late sucks!!!

Having said that, I’m a bit chuffed I’ve been able to track my activities to the end of September.

If you’ve been following my monthly activity reports, it is so easy to get bored by them because they are all pretty similar.

In getting bored, it is also very easy to miss their essence and the small and subtle themes embedded in each one of them.

So, I run a monthly feature, to hopefully avoid you getting bored!

With each report, I am going to highlight one theme.

The theme for this month is “Celebrating Your Life”.

Have a look at the quote below:

personal development coaching tools

One of the biggest “why” behind these reports is “Celebrating My Life”.

I refuse to wait for others to celebrate me first because that wait can be very long.

I find every reason under the sun to celebrate my life and the little achievements I make every month.

And the monthly reports are one of the best ways to do this.

Very few people pro-actively celebrate their life achievements, especially the small, ‘insignificant’ ones. We want to celebrate the big turning points in our lives.

Guess what?

The big turning points are the result of small achievements. Start celebrating those as well.

So my challenge to you this month is identify 1 way in which you can consistently celebrate your life each month. 

Logic Behind The Monthly Reports

As an ultra-marathon runner, logging and monitoring my running activities leads to improvement and achievement of my running goals.

These monthly reports follow the same cadence and through them I want to achieve 2 things:

  1. track the usage of my time – in line with my life vision and goals
  2. encourage my audience to start tracking the usage of their time

Ultimately, I hope to assist my readers “Run A Fulfilling Life Race” by highlighting that we can all live a fulfilling, abundant and balanced life.

As a side note, I need to highlight that this report is 85% – 90% accurate. It will never be 100% accurate because the inputs rely on me tracking them manually.

Sometimes, I forget to track certain elements. At times, I track the activities but the time inputs are not 100% correct.

Despite the above, a 15% deviation is not a train smash for me.

My ultimate objective is not to be 100% correct. My objective is to manage my time and life effectively and share some key learning points.

Based on that, I am more than confident that the reports satisfy this objective.

Living a Balanced Life

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to live a balanced life?

If the thought has ever crossed your mind before – great!

As I attempt to answer the question, below is a snapshot of how I’ve spent my time in the month of September, showing a comparison with the previous 2 months:

personal development tools

Clearly, from the above, it is possible to live a balanced life by proactively making time for key areas of your life.

Let’s go into an in-depth analysis of each area.

Activity 1:

  • Identify and write down the key areas of your life

What Have I Been Up To?

Spiritual: The amount of time spent on my spiritual growth was 8.53%.

It fluctuated drastically over the past 3 months. Overall, the time spent on my Spiritual activities was excellent, with an increase in all the areas.

Below, is a breakdown:

personal development tools

My spiritual health is vitally important.

It is the crux and foundation of everything I do and I am incredibly grateful that I can dedicate time to my spiritual growth.

To keep spiritually healthy, I try to:

Spiritual Plan Going Forward: 

  • Stay consistent

Activity 2:

  • Do you believe that spirituality is important?
  • List your monthly spiritual activities

Career: I spent 48.67% on my career in August.

Below is a breakdown:

 personal development tools

why is time management important

time management activities

 We will know that our careers are very important.

And this is where we spend most of our time in life. As such, it is important that we spend this time doing things we are passionate about.

As you can see from breakdown above, I am involved in a few projects. But NRC continues to consume the bulk of my time.

Career Plans going forward:


  • continue to work smartly and diligently on the roll out plans of NRC in Johannesburg

Run For Wealth:

  • change tact and start publishing content in video format as well
  • publish 2 posts per month
  • link video content to the Herbalife, Bitcoin Inisghts and Wealthy Affiliate business opportunities (apply the power of Synergy)
  • engage in more paid internet marketing activities

Run A Fulfilling Life Race (changed from “Marathon Based Leadership”)

  • have talks and workshops centred around the concept of living a fulfilling, balanced and abundant life
  • start building content for the Online Based Coaching Programme that I intend launching in 2017


  • schedule 2 live appointments per month (I have a strategy of a specific target market. Still top secret at this stage. Will share more in later monthly reports)
  • Start an online based business linked to the success of the live appointments (Synergy)
  • promote my business on Run For Wealth through paid advertising (Synergy)
  • link it to some of my video content (Synergy)


  • drive the initial meetings for the development of a piece of land


  • play a strategic role in the facilitation of coal transactions both locally and internationally

Investigating Other Business Opportunities:

  • Launch a new online business that will help my audience to run their first Comrades Marathon: 1 December
  • Launch a new online business that focuses on Herbalife Supplements as a niche: 2017

Activity 3:

  • List all the different elements/activities/projects of your career
  • Identify the amount of time you spend on each.
  • Identify the total amount of time you spend on your career

Relationships: I spent 7.44% of my time on my relationships in September.

The figure indicated under “Family” as 0% is weird and probably not a correct reflection. I spend a lot of time with Family and I just need to find an accurate way of recording and reflecting it.

Below is the breakdown:

time management activties

Ultimately, in this section, I try to spend time with people I consider to be very key in my life.

These groups of people display characteristics of the 10 Type Of People You Need To Succeed In Life.

Relationship Plans Going Forward:

  • Record the time spent with Family accurately
  • Continue to pro-actively nurture all my key relationships

Activity 4:

  • List all your relationships
  • Identify the amount of time you spend on each one of them

Physical: In September, I spent 4.90% of my time on my physical health.

Below is the breakdown:

time management activities

It may come as a shock that someone who does so much running and training like myself would spend such little time on this area.

But, that’s the reality.

Physical Training Plans Going Forward:

  • Maintain my progress in the gym
  • Build up my training in September in preparation for the Soweto Marathon in November

Activity 5:

  • If you don’t exercise, what are the reasons?
  • If you exercise, how often do you do it?
  • What activities do you partake in?

Financial: In September, I spent just over 1% of my time on managing my money.

time management activities

This is the time I use to manage my money.

To do this, I use a budget sheet and track my income against my monthly expenditure.

Ultimately, the financial management has 5 objectives:

  1. Give glory to God for the ability he has given me to have a career and earn an income
  2. Ensure I spend less than what I earn
  3. Grow the income I earn through investment into new or existing projects
  4. Dedicate a part of my earnings towards helping others and extending God’s generosity
  5. Have fun and celebrate the fruits of my work

Considering that I spent just over 2.5 hrs of my time on managing my money, I think it is time very well spent.

Financial Plans Going Forward:

  • Continue to give honour and praise to the Almighty through my tithing and offerings
  • Investigate cost effective ways of re-vamping the Run For Wealth (the platform needs a cosmetic and functionality uplift)
  • Dedicate a budget towards the roll out of my new businesses
  • Invest wisely into my internet marketing activities – particularly the paid advertising so I can market the products and services I promote (Wealthy Affiliate & Herbalife) 
  • Continue to dedicate a budget towards being generous and helping others

It goes without saying that money is a very important resource towards life success. To succeed in this area is not automatic.

It requires intent, management and discipline.

Activity 6:

  • Do you track your income and expenditure?
  • Do you spend more than you earn?
  • If you spend more than you earn, do you think it’s possible to earn more than you spend within the next 12 months?
  • If you earn more than your spend, are you saving any of the surplus income?
  • If you earn more than you spend, are you using any of the surplus income to pursue other income earning opportunities?

Charity: In August, I spent 1.70% of my time on this area of my life.

Having a charitable spirit is vital to living a fulfilling and abundant life.

And giving your time and money – without expecting anything in return – is a sure way of achieving this fulfillment.

Below is the split:


Charity Plans Going Forward:

  • Dedicate a minimum of 4 days per month to collecting and distributing clothes donated
  • Dedicate a minimum of 1 day per month to mentoring youngsters in their school work or careers when they start out

Activity 7:

  • Do you believe that charity work is important?
  • Are you able to spare your time or money to help others?
  • If not, what are the challenges?

Leisure: I spent 13.93% of my time on this area.

We all need some time out to let loose.

This is the time I use to either relax or let loose and have a great deal of fun.

This time obviously overlaps with the time spent on my relationships.

However, leisure has to be a controlled activity.

It can’t be an activity that takes over your life and drives you.

If leisure takes over your life you will end up wasting a lot of precious time in life. You’ll spend too much time having fun and being unproductive because of the distractions of life.

Below is a break down of my activities under this section:


You’ll notice that I’ve started reflecting the time spent on my relationships under leisure as well.

It is also important to note that “Social Media” and “Watching TV” are some of the biggest contributors to my leisure time.

I spent 13 hrs on social media platforms. That’s a lot of time!

Personally, I’ve taken a stance that acknowledges social media platforms as leisure and potential time wasters. In fact, in my post titled: “14 Distractions You Need To Avoid To Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions”, I list social media as the number 1 distraction on that list.

Because I can’t really pin down the exact time I use on social media, I’ve taken a very conservative view that assumes that I spend approximately 45 minutes per day on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc).

Imagine how much more time I could be wasting if this activity went unnoticed.

Leisure Plans Going Forward:

  • Continue to integrate my relationships around my leisure time
  • Travel extensively

Activity 8:

  • How do you spend your leisure time?
  • Do you believe there are activities that are time wasters in your life?
  • If so, please list them
  • Are there any activities you want to stop doing, but simply don’t have the will power to do so?
  • If so, please list them

Admin: I spent 9.84% of my time on administrative activities.

Admin relates to the amount of time spent on activities that might seem small, but:

  • are essential to managing your life
  • have the potential to chow a huge amount of time if they go unmonitored

Below is a breakdown:

time management activities

As always, travelling continues to consume a lot of my time. This is time spent travelling to and fro income generating activities. This excludes weekend travel and travelling to places that aren’t related to work.

Because travelling takes up so much time, I try as much as possible to travel using public transport so I can do some of my work during that travelling time.

As you can see, I spent 18.5 hours travelling. That’s a lot of time and there’s no ways I’m going to let all of it go to waste. As a result, I’ve structured my life in such a way that I am able to maximize that time.

“Sundry” is activities I can never plan for. A lot of it includes helping my parents with various activities. I’m incredibly blessed to still have them alive and I try to make myself available to them as much as possible.

Admin Plans Going Forward:

  • Work during my travel time as much as possible
  • Manage my e-mail communication and time spent on it effectively

Activity 9;

  • How much time do you spend travelling to and fro work?
  • If you drive to and fro work, is it possible to get to and work without driving?
  • If you don’t drive, how do you spend your time when travelling?

Time Management: I spent 4.06% of my time on this area.

My time management activities are the crux of keeping my life in check.

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of managing your time. To do this, there are certain key activities.

Below is the breakdown of those activities:

time management activities

The above clearly indicates that managing one’s time is not an automatic process.

It requires intent and diligence.

The “Planning” refers to the once a week planning I do at the start of every week. (Yeah, I know I have been doing a pathetic job of it). 

I guess it’s because I have a lot of my routine embedded in my head. BUT, that’s no excuse! Planning at the start of every week is vital.

The “Updating Activity Log” refers to the input of the time spent on all my activities each day. I spent just under 3 hours doing that in September.

Once a month, I consolidate all the data. And that’s what’s reflected under “Consolidating Activity Log”. I spent just under 6 hours on this activity.

Lastly, I do the analysis. And that’s the report you are reading right now – reflected as “Writing Monthly Activity Report”.

In the month of September – for my August report – I spent 3.5 hours writing the report.

Overall, the amount of time spent on my “Time Management” activities might seem like a lot of work when looking at the hours in isolation.

But, I always emphasize that context is key.

To spend just under 12 hours (4.06%) in a full month is very little time for the amount of value I am able to get from all these activities that help me propel my life.

Time Management Plans Going Forward:

  • Become more consistent in my weekly Planning
  • Write and release my monthly report within the first 14 days of the following month (this report is 3 months late and that’s simply not good enough)

Activity 10:

  • Do you believe tracking your activities is important?
  • If you believe it to be important, are you doing it?
  • If not, what challenges are you facing?
  • Do you believe reading this activity report will help you make some meaningful adjustments to your life?

How Am I Able To Achieve Balance?

This has got to be one of the most burning questions that anyone reading this report should ask.

If it isn’t, then you’ve missed the essence, because I get asked the question regularly.

One of the key factors that drive balance in time freedom. 

I have pro-actively and intentionally chased a business model that gives me time freedom.

Because most of our time is spent on our careers, one of the biggest contributing factors to leading a balanced life is to pro-actively seek income earning opportunities that will give you time freedom.

Not only do I spend less time on my career than the average person, I am able to achieve more because I have centred a significant amount of my business activities around a model known as a Direct Response Business (DRB) or what is commonly known as an Online Business.


September was another solid month.

I still have a lot of my plate – clearly depicted by my “Plans Going Forward” section under each of the areas of my life.

SYNERGY continues to be buzz word if I want to achieve my plans going forward.

I am also happy that outside of my career, the other areas of my life seem to be holding up pretty well.

Once again, I really hope that this report will inspire you to start tracking your activities, By doing that, you edge closer to the role of being CEO of your life. As you edge closer to that, I know that I’ve achieved my objective of helping you “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

What To Do Next?

  1. Complete all the Activities listed up
  2. Sign Up for my regular updates

God Bless!

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