Run For Wealth Turns One Year!

How To Become Wealthy

Run For Wealth turned one year on 1 September.

Happy belated birthday to my little baby.

Run For Wealth, is an extension of Wealthy Mindset®, a company I started in 2008. The vision was to “Share knowledge with motivated and willing individuals on the power of living a life of abundance. In doing so, I wanted to create awareness and provide a wealth of information and solutions on how to achieve ultimate life abundance and balance in the Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Relationship, Career, Financial, Pleasurable and Charitable aspects of life.”

Through Run For Wealth, I use running to assist my audience to “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”. Importantly, the 8 key areas of life still remain the focus of the content published.

In this report, I want to highlight what’s happened in the life of Run For Wealth over the past 12 months.

In doing so, I’m going to highlight the following:

  • Posts published
  • Key statistics I measure
  • Races I’ve participated in
  • Projects undertaken
  • Income generated
  • Expenses incurred
  • Time spent

In conclusion, I’ll highlight plans for the next 12 months.

The objective of this post is two-fold:

  1. I want to measure the performance of my activities on this blog over the past 12 months
  2. I want to encourage anyone who reads this post to measure their career or business activities

Remember: Anything that goes un-measured will ultimately crumble.

Posts Published:

Run For Wealth has a blog section. This is where I publish content regularly around the 8 key areas of life.

When I launched the platform, the goal was to publish written content at least once a week.

Over the past 12 months, I have published at total of 32 posts.

Below are the title of articles and the publish dates:

Clearly from the above, I missed a few weeks of publishing.

I missed a lot of publishing time between September (launch date) and December. At the time, I was doing a lot of writing for the downloadable free content.

Overall, I’m really happy with the content I’ve published. But, things will change going forward.

Downloadable Free Content:

This is a very key component of the website.

The main objective of the downloadable content is to build a database by offering epic and valuable content.

How different is this from the weekly blog posts?

Well, the weekly posts are like daily runs that are part of a larger training programme. Whilst on their own, they are great, they have less meaning and impact if they don’t form part of a bigger picture.

The downloadable content is exactly that. A complete and bigger picture.

Currently, there are 2 pieces of downloadable content:

Social Media

Social Media is a very key component of any activity.

Most of society lives on these platforms and it’s important to take them into consideration.

I have three social media platforms:

I use the platforms to circulate and market the content published on the Run For Wealth Blog. In addition, I use these platforms to communicate activities related to my work.

Over the past 12 months, I have allowed all three of these platforms to grow organically.

Going forward, I will approach a slightly more aggressive stance where social media is concerned. In the latter part of the next 12 months, I will consider buying social media traffic for my social pages and the website.


These are matrices that are imperative to the success of Run For Wealth.

The stats that I measure are:

  • Web traffic
  • Blog Ranking
  • Subscribers
  • Social Media

Web traffic

To measure this, I use a tool called Google Analytics. It gives me information that enables me to analyze everything that happens from a traffic (audience to site) perspective.

As you can see from the screen shots below, I get stats on various aspects of the platform.

12 months stats:

Google Analytics Run For WealthAll the above numbers are critical and indicate how many visitors I got over the 12 months, and more importantly what the visitors do when they get to my site.

Age Demographics:


Country Demographics:


Gender Demographics:




The above statistics are vital. One day I’ll dedicate an entire post to explaining each one of the matrices.

For now, I’ll just do a summary of the past 12 months.

Run For Wealth has received 3 746 visitors, the majority being South Africans.

Unsurprisingly, given the initial positioning of the site, it attracted a large number of visitors from Russia, a country with a strong running culture.

The majority of visitors is relatively young (25 – 34) and male.

I am disappointed in the number of visitors. In online traffic terms, 3 754 is a drop in the ocean, considering that LifeHack, a platform I feature regularly on attracts in excess of 10 million visitors per month.

In recent months, the month on month statistics have begun to drop. That’s an area of concern that needs urgent attention.

Blog Ranking

Ranking indicates the popularity of your web platform. The lower the ranking, the better. As an example, Google is the highest ranked website in the world and it ranks in position 1 as you can see below:


There are millions of blogs out there. I use a tool known as CheckPageRank to track the ranking of my website. It tracks multiple factors such as Domain Authority, Page Authority and Backlinks. Ultimately, it rates your website from “very weak” to “very strong”

When I launched, my target was to rank in the top 1 million blogs in the first 12 months. That’s gone horribly wrong.

My blog started ranking on 16 April 2016, 8 months from launch date. This was weird and I’ll need to investigate the cause.

When I first picked it up, my blog was ranked 15 966 522. On 10 May, it had improved to 12 869 266. However, for some crazy reason, it started to decline. By 1 September, it was ranked a pathetic 20 225 400.

So there’s PLENTY of work still to be done from a Page Rank perspective.


This statistic is probably the most important statistic ever from a blogging perspective. To track my subscribers, I use a tool called “GetResponse”.

Subscribers are essentially people who say “Yes, I want to receive content from you”. Not only that, these are people who will “like” and “share” your content going forward. They will also engage and comment on your blog. Ultimately, all of this achieves 2 things:

  1. It improves your traffic and blog ranking
  2. It increases your revenue stream

The amount of revenue you will generate from your blog is highly correlated to the number of your subscribers. In fact, when correctly monetized, your blog or website should generate $1 for every subscriber.

My target for the first 12 months was 1 000 subscribers. Again, the blog has failed miserably. Over the past 12 months, 30 people have subscribed to the content:

  • 21: “Free Training Programmes”
  • 9: “Wealth Creation E-Course”

Social Media

Currently, I don’t place much emphasis on the number of followers I have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As at 1 September, the stats were as followers:

  • Facebook – Run For Wealth Fan Page: 481 Likes
  • Twitter – @PeteniKuzwayo: 1 327 Followers
  • Instagram – PeteniKuzwayo: 223 Followers

Races Run

Participating in races remains an integral part of my life.

This is where it all started. My running gave birth to this blog and my running continues to inspire the a substantial amount of the content I disseminate.

As such, I participated in the following races over the past 12 months:

  • 2 November 2014: Soweto Marathon (42.2km)
  • 21 March 2015: Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon (50km)
  • 4 April 2015: Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (56km)
  • 31 May 2015: Comrades Marathon (87km)


Nike+ Run Club

Effective 1 July, I have been the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Coach. What a privilege and honour it has been to be part of this international and prestigious brand.

NRC is an initiative geared at getting the best out of runners. From encouraging non-active individuals to start running to assisting runners to become better athletes, the program is all-encompassing and offers the followings:

  • Ready, Set, Go Run (Run Your First Mile)
  • Home Run (Run With The Crowd)
  • Speed Run (Pick Up Your Pace)
  • Local Run (Run The City)
  • H.I.T & Run (Mix High Intensity Training Into Your Run)
  • Long Run (Dial Up Your Distance)
  • Nike+ Training Club (Get Lean, Toned & Strong).

Sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Nike+ Training Club takes place on a Saturday morning and is hosted and led by a fantastic lady named Zaakirah Khalek.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Nike+ Run Club.

I work with a great team of Pacers:


In addition, we get a great deal of support from Nike and the commission Agency.

Together, our sole focus is to give our members a premium running experience.

Weekly meetings take place on a Mondays and Wednesdays to plan the course ahead and review past sessions.

I am spending a lot of my time and effort on this project, particularly because it is still very new to the South African market and aligns perfectly with the Vision for Wealthy Mindset and Run For Wealth.

Guest Posting

Effective 14 April, I have had the privilege of featuring as a guest writer on LifeHack, an online platform that attracts an audience in excess of 10 million per month.

I truly believe this is a great marketing platform for my blog.

I am required to post at least 2 posts per month.

Over the 5 month period to end of August, I’ve published the following 8 articles:

Over the past 5 months, I’ve missed my deadline twice already and that was not cool at all.


Now this is the juicy part of this 12 month analysis.

Without a shadow of doubt, the ability for this platform to generate income is a high priority.

Over the past 12 months, I have not sold a single product.

I have tested a few affiliate products but I’ve subsequently pulled those off.

The biggest source of income for the past 12 months has been the services that I currently provide to Nike as a business partner.

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to reveal the figures. I really hope that as a reader you understand.


One of the greatest advantages of running a blog is the incredibly low operating costs.

Over the past 12 months, my expenses have been as follows:

Time Spent

Time is the MOST IMPORTANT metric that I measure. I can make up everything but I can’t make up wasted or lost time.

Earlier on, I alluded to the fact that I believe there are 8 key areas of life. And each one of these areas requires our constant attention.

As such, I have actively tried to tactically reduce the amount of time I spend on my Career (one of the key areas). More importantly, I have tried to increase my productivity and effectiveness whilst reducing the hours.

Inspired by Time Ferriss’ “4 Hour Workweek”, I have actively tried to reduce my Career hours to 4 hours per day, 20 hours per week – working 5 days a week.

Over the past 12 months, I have spent an average of 63 hrs 40 minutes per month on the blog. This translates to an average of 3 hrs 09 minutes per day.

Sounds crazy right?

But, that’s the plan. To be most productive and the least amount of time where my Career is concerned. My Career is only an eighth of my life. There are 7 other areas that need my attention – DAILY!

Next 12 months for Run For Wealth

The next 12 months are going to be very exciting. But, I believe they are going to be very challenging as well.

Blogging and creating a career from blogging is a foreign concept in South Africa. But, I’m determined to change that. As such, I’m entering an incredibly important turning point in my life.

Having said that, I need to ensure that I maintain my commitment and excellence and that requires careful and smart planning.

As such, below is a plan on the next 12 months:

  • Blog Posts: Publish 12 posts (combination of written, audio and visual)
  • Free Downloadable Content: Work on variations of Wealth Creation E-Course and Free Training Programmes
  • Social Media: Buy Social Media Traffic to grow social media and web traffic
  • Statistics:
    • Web Traffic: increase target a minimum of 1 000 visitors per month by end of August 2016. Increase annual traffic from 3 754 to minimum of 10 000.
    • Blog Ranking: improve ranking to top 1 million
    • Subscribers: increase from 30 to 500
    • Social Media:
      • Increase Facebook fan page likes from 481 to a minimum of 1 000
      • Increase Twitter followers from 1 327 to a minimum of 2 000
      • Increase Instagram followers from 223 to a minimum of 500
  • Races: Over the next 12 months, I’m going to participate in the following races:
    • 17 October 2015: Jacaranda Marathon (42.2km)
    • 1 November 2015: Soweto Marathon (42.2km)
    • 22 November 2015: Tough One (32km)
    • January 2016: Varsity Kudus (15km)
    • 14 February 2016: Pick n Pay Marathon (42.2km)
    • 19 March 2016: Om Die Dam Ultra Marathon (21km)
    • 26 March 2016: Two Oceans Ultra Marathon (56km)
    • 29 May 2016: Comrades Marathon (87km)
  • Site Updates: Over the next 12 months, I will be making updates to the site to enhance the look and feel. The objective is to engage more effectively and efficiently with my audience.
  • Projects

Nike+ Run Club

My partnership with Nike is going to continue to be a key focus and priority of mine. My sole purpose is to help Nike build a solid Running Club, in line with it strategic objectives.

With this partnership, I’m confident running is going to take an incredibly dynamic direction in South Africa.

Exciting times ahead!

Guest Posting

My focus is to ensure I stick to my obligations of publishing 2 posts per month on LifeHack.

Although I’ve received requests to guest post on other platforms, I won’t be taking up any other guest posting activities due to time constraints.

Selling Affiliate Products

I am going to spend a substantial amount of my time selling products online. I’m really looking forward to this part of my journey because this is going to bring massive challenges – both from a time and skills enhancement perspective.

However, a huge part of the blog’s revenue is going to come from this key activity.

Product Creation

I will be creating a product. I hope to launch it around June 2016.

This is going to be an exciting part of my journey going forward and an incredibly challenging one.

  • Income

I’m anticipating that my services to the Nike+ Run Club will continue. As such, I anticipate a healthy revenue stream from those services.

In addition, my objective is to have the largest chunk of my revenue come through affiliate product sales.

Lastly, my objective is to generate a minimum of 10 sales of the product I’ll be creating. That should be pretty interesting.

  • Expenses
    • Hosting: R 2 300
    • Client Communication: R1 500
    • Site Updates: R7 500

Time Spent

The objective is to spend 4 hours per day building Run For Wealth as a brand.

I indicated that Blogging and Online Marketing is still a foreign concept to many in South Africa.

The strategy, through the projects I’ve listed above, is to change that and share this powerful means of sharing solutions. e world.


Overall, it’s been a good first 12 months.

A lot has happened. There’s been a few exciting developments. Without a shadow of doubt, Nike+ Run Club has been the most exciting of the developments.

Going forward, there’s a lot of work of improvement still to be done.

My objective is to make this an incredibly powerful and reliable resource and platform for people looking to Live A Fulfilling Life.

In addition, it is imperative that this resource becomes a valuable asset for me, especially from a financial and economical sense.

I’m looking forward to the next 12 months. It should be epic!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this 12 month analysis. More importantly, I really hope it will encourage you to monitor everything you do in life. EVERYTHING!

Ultimately, what you don’t monitor will one day fall apart.

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