I often get asked what products I would recommend for running, exercise and general upkeep of health.

I always recommend products that I personally use or have used. At times, I will recommend other products based on feedback I’ve received from fellow athletes I trust.

I use Herbalife Products. And I recommend the following products:

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I also use Pace and Power Products. I recommend the following:

Formula 1 Shake

A delicious shake that provides protein and key nutrients.

It is a convenient alternative to a high kilojoule breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is quick to whip up and you can personalize your shake with your favourite fruits.

You need to consume it as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

I drink this shake almost everyday, as my breakfast supplement.

herbalife weight loss products

Formula 2 Multi-Vitamin Complex

It’s important to include varied and balanced meals as part of your daily diet.

However, when your lifestyle is hectic (like mine is…) and you find it hard to get the balance right, you need to support your body with multi-vitamins.

I use the F2 Multivitamin Complex to provide the essential vitamins and minerals that my body needs.

lose weight from running

CR7 Drive

A carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that is proven to enhance the absorption of water during physical activity and help maintain endurance performance.

CR7 Drive can be used before, during or after exercise to rehydrate.

I use the CR& Drive during my marathons and ultra-marathons. Every 10 kms, I mix a drink to help replace my electrolytes and this helps a great deal with avoiding cramping.

lose weight from running


This drink combines dual-sourced carbohydrates and whey protein isolate and is great for taking during intense or extensive exercise.

I use it for gym sessions and consume it before, during and after my sessions.



Definitely one of the best products I’ve used for many years. I use it for carbo-loading in preparation for my marathons and ultra-marathons.

I also use it during my marathons and ultra-marathons as a meal replacement. That way I avoid eating sweets, chocolates, bananas, potatoes, etc (all that stuff you find in the race right?).

Packed with a concentrated source of carbohydrates and the goodness of high-quality proteins, EnduraShake gives you long-lasting energy together with powerful anti-catabolic nutrients.


How To Order

Herbalife products are sold exclusively through Independent Herbalife Members (like myself) and are NOT available in stores.

To place your order, please Click Here to go through to the order page.

God Bless!