How To Order

Herbalife products are sold exclusively through Independent Herbalife Members (like myself) and are NOT available in stores.

To have access to the Product Catalogue, you can Click Here.

If you want to place an order, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Buy your desired product/s from me

If you choose this option, complete the form below.

An invoice will be generated and e-mailed back to you.

Your order will ONLY be placed once full payment has been received.

Once payment is successfully made, the order will be delivered directly to you.

Option 2 (Preferred Option): Sign Up as an Independent Herbalife Member and buy your products directly

If you choose this option, you will still need to complete the order form below. Under the order description you will write: “Business Opportunity Pack”, SKU is 5451. Number of units will be 1.

The “Business Opportunity Pack” is a once-off cost. At the moment, it costs R366.89 excl VAT.

The “Business Opportunity Pack” comes with the Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake which retails for R307.

With this option, you will then have the following benefits:

  • ability to buy products directly
  • ability to buy products at a discount
  • ability to sell products to others at a profit (on purchase of the “Business Opportunity Pack”, you automatically become an Independent Herbalife Member)

If you have any questions or additional notes you’d like to make, please include it in the “Additional Notes” section on the Order Form.

God Bless!