There are some incredible parallels between Leadership and Marathon running, in particular the Comrades Marathon.

I truly believe that everyone is a leader, regardless of the position they occupy in their community or work environment. As such, the “Marathon-Based Leadership” programme aims to shift people’s mindsets from dependence to independence and ultimately, inter-dependence.

To achieve the above, the programme has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Identify: It highlights the ills that South Africa and the Globe is facing from a health and leadership perspective
  2. Map out solutions: It takes an in-depth analysis at what it takes to train for and run a marathon, in particular the Comrades Marathon, and uses this as the solution for addressing the identified health and leadership challenges
  3. Apply solutions practically: it plugs participants into a practical support programme that will assist them to apply what they learn

You can download the Programme Outline to get a better understanding of the key components and objectives of the programme.

If you feel the Programme Outline fits in with what your company needs, you can download the Corporate Company Proposal. This will highlight how the employer and employees will  benefit from programme. Included in the proposal are contact details.

Alternatively, you can contact me via the “Contact Me” page.

God Bless!


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