As a long-distance runner, I have noticed that there are some incredible parallels between Leadership and Marathon running, in particular the Comrades Marathon.

I truly believe that everyone is a leader, regardless of the position they occupy in their community or work environment.

As such, I publish content on leadership issues. Much like a marathon challenges one physically, the content I publish is geared at challenging you mentally.

Ultimately, the objective is to shift your mindset from dependence to independence and ultimately, inter-dependence.

In addition, I truly believe that personal leadership enables one to create wealth in any area of their life.

To find out more about the link between leadership and wealth creation,¬†you can download my 7 Part Free E-Course titled: “6 Personal Leadership Factors That Are Guaranteed To Create Wealth In Any Area Of Your Life”.

I hope you find value in the content.

God Bless!