January Activity Report

time management activities

Thanks for reading the very first activity report at Run For Wealth.

The objective of Run For Wealth is to help my audience “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”. I do this by sharing solutions on how to live a fulfilling, abundant and balanced lifestyle.

I believe life has 8 key areas:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Physical
  4. Relationships
  5. Career/ Vocational
  6. Financial
  7. Charitable
  8. Pleasure/ Leisure

The above areas are kind of self-explanatory. However, I cover them at length in my Free Wealth Creation E-Course.

In the E-Course I also cover what I refer to as the “Less Is More” approach to life and highlight why effective and wise usage of time requires you to do less.

The opposite – at least in my eyes – is true. The more activities you try and execute, the more difficult it is to focus and yield optimum results.

I also believe that optimum productivity can only be achieved if you monitor your activities.

This Activity Report is the first of many I will produce every month.

The objectives of the monthly activity reports are to:

  • Highlight the importance of being CEO of your life
  • Highlight that living a balanced life is possible
  • Share the blog posts published in the month (so you can choose which ones you want to read if you missed any)
  • Share what I’ve been up to
  • Highlight the one key reason why I am able to live a balanced lifestyle

Through the above 5 objectives, I really hope I can share solutions that will help you “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

I need to highlight that this report is probably 90 – 95% accurate. It will never be 100% accurate because the inputs rely on me tracking them manually.

Sometimes, I forget to track certain elements. At times, I track the activities but the time inputs are not 100% correct.

Honestly, I am not bothered by a 10% deviation. The point is not to be 100% correct. The point of these activity reports is to manage my time and life effectively and I am more than confident that the report satisfies that objective.

Being CEO of Your Life

To live an abundant life requires you to realize that you are CEO of your life.

For any company to thrive, the CEO has to measure every part of the business.

Likewise, if you want live a fruitful life, you have to take control of your life. The best way to do that is to measure!

Living a Balanced Life

For many people, living a balanced lifestyle is impossible.

They come up with all kinds of excuses not to try and live a balanced lifestyle. The reality is simple: if you don’t attend to all the key areas in your life by choice (pro-actively), you’ll be forced to do it by force (re-actively).

I simply choose to be pro-active. That way I have much better control over the outcomes and the direction of my life.

Below is a snapshot of how I’ve spent my time in the month of January:

time management activities

Activity to Plan: I’m happy with the overall breakdown of the usage of my time. I’d love to start reading a bit more books and that would fall under the “Mental” category.

Blog Posts Published

As the Editor at Run For Wealth, I compile and publish all the content. In the month of January I published 3 articles:

I am also a Guest Writer at LifeHack.Org. I didn’t publish any article on their platform this month.

Activity to Plan: My plan is to publish 2 articles on my blog and 2 on LifeHack per month. Although I did not publish anything on LifeHack, I think it’s been a good month on the writing and publishing front.

What Have I Been Up To?

This month has been fantastic.

It’s been a busy month (as always). Over the next few paragraphs, I’ll try to give a breakdown and analysis of my activities, as per the key areas of my life.

Spiritual: I’ve managed to dedicate approximately 10% of my time to my spiritual growth.

The breakdown of that is as follows:

Spiritual meaning

My spiritual health is vitally important. It is the crux and foundation of everything I do.

To keep spiritually healthy, I try to:

  • read my Bible at least 3 times a week
  • pray every morning and evening (for at least 5 mins each time)
  • attend church every weekend
  • serve in the Car Park ministry every second week

Activity to Plan: I’m happy with the amount of time I am able to dedicate towards my spiritual growth. But, there is always room for improvement, especially in the amount of time I spend reading my Bible and time spent on prayer.

Career: I spent 44% of my time doing income generating work and building my career:

define time management

why is time management important

Time Management Presentation

As you can see from the screenshots above, the 44% is represented as follows:

  • Nike+ Run Club (NRC): 28.48%
  • Run For Wealth Blog: 12.91%
  • LifeHack: 0.60%
  • Juice Business: 2.45%
  • Marathon Based Leadership: 0%

NRC has kept me very busy. I am having the time of my life as the Coach of NRC Johannesburg, South Africa.

Working with such a massive and international brand has really been an honour.

The work entails a number of meetings that entail planning and monitoring our execution. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have our live sessions. The highlight in January was definitely the hosting of our first “Open House”, a session where we engage with our runners.


Run For Wealth still remains the nucleus of all my work. In fact, my partnership with Nike was strengthened and fast-tracked by the work I was already doing at Run For Wealth. It was almost like my “portfolio of evidence” (I’m planning to write a detailed blog post to highlight how my blog gave me the edge).

I did very minimal work for LifeHack this month.

I have a juice business that I have been running for about 5 years. At the moment, it’s a straight forward and very simple business that entails logistics – delivery of the juice from the manufacturer to a niche network of consumers. (Hopefully one day I’ll be able to expand on this business that I believe hs massive potential)

Marathon Based Leadership is a course I’ve written and developed. The intention is to have talks and workshops centred around the concept. No work was done on it this month.

All the above work equates to approximately 26 hours per week and 5 hours per day. Considering that the average person works 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day, I’m pretty chuffed with my productivity levels in January.

Activity to Plan: I’m happy with the amount of time I’m spending in the different areas of my career. Having said that, I need to start doing a bit more work on the “Marathon Based Leadership” programme. I’ve got some plans lined up for the next couple of months and we’ll see how that pans out. In addition, I’ll be adding 2 more projects to my career. More about that in February!

Relationships: I combine the time spent with family, friends, my girlfriend, business partners and colleagues under the relationship section. This can obviously overlap with the time reflected under my “Leisure” time. In January, I spent approximately 19% of my time.

Activity to Plan: I’m happy with the time I am able to spend with loved ones. Relationships are the most important aspect after my spiritual growth. 

Physical: At face value, it may seem like I spend a crazy amount of time on my training. In January alone, I covered a total of 317 kms over 16 runs.  I also hit the gym 6 times.

Below is a breakdown:

how to run properly

how to run properly

how to run properly

Over the month of January, I spent approximately 15% of my time on my physical training split as follows:

  • Gym (Cross Training): 3%
  • Running (Comrades Marathon Training): 12%

The month of Jan has been fantastic on the training front. I’m feeling really awesome. On 31st January, I ran a 3hr 35mins Marathon as a first race for 2016, in preparation for my 5th Comrades in May.

Activity to Plan: I’m super chuffed with physical health. Over and above general good health and fitness, all my training is a build up to the “Ultimate Human Race”, taking place on the 29th of May.

Financial: I spent just over 1% of my time on managing my money. That 1% is simply tracking my expenditure against my income.

I have a budget sheet where I punch in all my expenses.

This exercise, which took me just under 3 hours for the month, is an incredibly important one.

The objective of the financial management is to ensure that I ultimately spend less than what I earn.

In doing that, I have key areas of expenditure:

  • Tithe
  • Saving
  • Re-investment into current projects
  • Investing into new projects
  • “Living life to the fullest” (Leisure/ Pleasure) expenditure
  • End of month expenditure
  • Day to day (during the month) expenditure

It may seem confusing, but it’s basic tracking of expenditure so I can grow my income and spend it wisely in an effort to live life to the fullest.

Activity to Plan: I’m chuffed that my expenditure was within budget. I’m also excited about 2 new business opportunities that I have invested in. I’ll definitely be revealing more on that over the next couple of months.

Charity: I spent approximately 0.4% of my time on Mentoring. Once a month, I spend at least an hour, mentoring 2 people. These are one-on-one sessions where I help these individuals with whatever challenges they are having.

Action to Plan: Part of my charity work includes collecting old clothes and distributing them to needy communities. Myself and two friends collect the items on Sunday mornings. We then try to sort and distribute the items once a month. This month, we found ourselves under some time pressure. Hopefully, next month, we can get back into the thick of things and get around to ensuring distribute the clothing.

Leisure: this is my take it easy and relaxation time. It often overlaps with time spent on my relationships. The amount of time spent in this area was 3%.

Activity to Plan: January, being the start of a new year, can often bring it’s own complications of lethargy. However, I’m happy that I’ve been able to get adequate rest, despite hitting the ground running (literally and figuratively).

How Am I Able To Achieve Balance?

The key to achieving balance is pro-actively and intentionally chasing a business model that gives you time freedom.

Not only do I spend less hours on my career (44%) than the average person, I am able achieve more because I have centred by business around a model known as a Direct Response Business (DRB) or what is commonly known as an Online Business.

Everything, except for the juice business is centred around this business model.

As already indicated, there’s massive potential in the juice business (especially because I can link to some charity work I intend doing). For now, I’m more than happy to continue with it.

The crux to balance is leading a pro-active life and actively seeking opportunities that will give you time freedom.

Activity to Plan: At the moment, I consider myself incredibly fortunate and blessed to have a career that gives me time freedom. I do 90% of my work from my laptop. Having said that, time freedom comes with a massive amount of responsibility because I need to understand that the time freedom I get needs to be put to positive use. 


January has been a really good month.

Whilst I’ve achieved a lot, there’s plenty room for improvement as you will note under my “Action to Plan” comments.

You’ll also note that this report is quite lengthy in comparison to my blog posts. That’s the reality of comprehensive reports. I’m really chuffed that I’ve been able to produce one.

I really hope that this report will inspire you to start tracking your activities, By doing that, you edge closer to the role of being CEO of your life. As you edge closer to that, I know that I’ve achieved my objective of helping you “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

God Bless!

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