Creating financial wealth is an incredibly important priority of mine.

In defining wealth, I list 8 key areas of our lives. 2 of those key areas are:

  • Career/ Vocational (the work you do to make money)
  • Financial (management of how you spend and grow the money you earn)

I deliberately split these two because it is very possible to have a fantastic career and earn loads of money and yet still be broke because the management of that money is poor. It is often called living beyond your means: spending more than you earn. (I’ve been down that crappy road and it ain’t cool!)

Over-spending is one part of your financial management. The other part is growing what you earn. For most people, this is a very tricky part.

Do you opt for investing? Or do you start your own business? If so, where do you get the capital?

The questions are endless and it is often a massive area of fear for many, one which intimidates.

One of my key objectives is to help people become financially wealthy and overcome some of the challenges that come with growing the money they earn.

So, how the heck do I do that?

Firstly, let me highlight what my career is. I often get asked: what exactly do you do?

I am a Wealth Creation Entrepreneur.

My work entails sharing knowledge with motivated and willing individuals on the power of living a life of abundance. In doing so, I create awareness and provide a wealth of information and solutions on how to achieve ultimate life abundance and balance in the Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Relationship, Career, Financial, Pleasurable and Charitable aspects of life.

So, I earn my money by doing the above.

I use a business model known as a Direct Response Business (DRB) or Online Business.

Run For Wealth is an Online Business.

Through Run For Wealth, I am:

  • a Service provider (sell my time and products based on my expertise)
  • an Affiliate Marketer (sell other people’s products and services)
  • a Multi-Level or Network Marketer (help others become a business partner of mine so I can earn revenue from their sales and business efforts) 

Let’s have a look at 4 projects I’m currently involved in and where they fall:

  • Nike+ Run Club: The work I do as a Nike+ Run Club Coach is service provider work. I provide Nike with my expertise so that Nike+ Run Club can execute on its objectives
  • Marathon based Leadership (MBL): The MBL programme is a product I have created to help people become better leaders. When offering this product (be it online, as a talk or workshop), I am selling my time and expertise as a service provider
  • Wealthy Affiliate: The promotion of their products and services is known as Affiliate Marketing
  • Herbalife: As a Herbalife Independent Business Owner (IBO), I earn revenue from helping them distribute their products and recruiting others to do the same. In the process, I earn a % of income from their efforts. That is called Multi-Level or Network Marketing.

All of the above is centred around my Online Business.


Because growing my income is just as important as managing my time. Beyond the ability to earn income and become financially wealthy, I want time freedom so I can pro-actively attend to the other 6 areas of my life.

Running an online business is one of the best ways to create financial wealth. If you are serious about creating online success, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best communities to be part of.

Join me and many others as we create successful online businesses:

God Bless!