February Activity Report

Time Management Activities

February has come and gone like a thief in the night.

It’s been a very busy month. As they say: “time flies when you are having fun”.

Although it’s been a busy month, I have had a lot of fun – doing what I love.

What do I love doing?

My sole objective at Run For Wealth is to help my audience “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”. As such, I love sharing solutions on how to live a fulfilling, abundant and balanced lifestyle.

To achieve life fulfillment, abundance and balance, I believe you have to proactively take care of the key areas in your life.

I believe life has the following 8 key areas:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Physical
  4. Relationships
  5. Career/ Vocational
  6. Financial
  7. Charitable
  8. Pleasure/ Leisure

To a large extent, the above are self-explanatory. However, I cover them at length in my Free Wealth Creation E-Course.

In the E-Course I also cover what I refer to as the “Less Is More” approach to life. By adopting this approach, I highlight why effective and wise usage of time requires you to do less.

The opposite – at least in my eyes – is true. The more activities you try and execute, the more difficult it is to focus and yield optimum results.

I also believe that optimum productivity can only be achieved if you monitor your activities.

Given the above, I have set the following objectives for my monthly reports:

  • Highlight the importance of being CEO of your life
  • Highlight that living a balanced life is possible (contrary to what most will tell you)
  • Share the blog posts published in the month (so you can choose which ones you want to read if you missed any)
  • Share what I’ve been up to
  • Highlight the one key reason why I am able to live a balanced lifestyle

Through the above 5 objectives, my ultimate objective is to help you “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

I need to highlight that this report is probably 90 – 95% accurate. It will never be 100% accurate because the inputs rely on me tracking them manually.

Sometimes, I forget to track certain elements. At times, I track the activities but the time inputs are not 100% correct.

Honestly, I am not bothered by a 10% deviation. The point is not to be 100% correct. The point of these activity reports is to manage my time and life effectively and share some key learning points and I am more than confident that the report satisfies that objective.

Being CEO of Your Life

To live an abundant life requires you to realize that you are CEO of your life.

For any company to thrive, the CEO has to measure every part of the business.

Likewise, if you want live a fruitful life, you have to take control of your life. The best way to do that is to measure!

Living a Balanced Life

Living a balanced lifestyle can be incredibly tough.

But we only have 2 options. Either you become pro-active and design the life you want to live or you re-act to the circumstances around you.

I simply choose to be pro-active. That way I have much better control over the outcomes and the direction of my life.

Below is a snapshot of how I’ve spent my time in the month of February, with a comparison to January:

time management activities

As you can see from the above, there were significant changes in the amount of time I spent in my Relationships & Physical Health. Those numbers decreased.

There was a significant increase in the time spent of Charity, Pleasure and Admin.

Activity to Plan: I’m happy with the overall breakdown of the usage of my time. However, I can still make significant improvements.

At some point, I’d love to start reading a bit more books and that would fall under the “Mental” category.

I fell ill for 10 days in February and that contributed to the decline in the time spent on my “Physical Health”.

There was a significant amount of time spent on “Pleasure”. I’ll track this closely over the next couple of months. Too much time spent on fun is not ideal. For now though, I’m simply collecting some data.

You will also notice a significant jump in the “Admin” time. I have started to include my travelling time. This is the time spent travelling to and fro meetings (driving, travelling by bus or train). It excludes travel over weekends.

Have a look at the following and it might shock you:

why is time management important

1100 of the 1600 hours under the “Admin” section was spent of travelling.

That is a crazy 69%!

This is one of the reasons why I use a lot of public transport. That way, I can maximize the amount of time spent travelling.

I’ll publish a separate post to highlight in detail how you can maximize your time by travelling smart.

Blog Posts Published

As the Editor at Run For Wealth, I compile and publish all the content.

In the month of February, I published 3 articles:

I am also a Guest Writer at LifeHack.Org. I didn’t publish any article on their platform in the month of February.

Activity to Plan: My initial plan at the start of the year was to publish 2 articles on my blog and 2 on LifeHack per month.

That has changed. I’ll be publishing 3 posts on my platform per month and 1 on LifeHack. Although LifeHack is a massive platform that receives in excess of 10 million visitors per month, I am not seeing the traffic returns to my platform. So, once a month will suffice.

Overall, it’s been a good month on the writing and publishing front.

What Have I Been Up To?

February is always an interesting month.

The hype of holidays fades.

The “New Year’s Resolutions” hype also fades.

It’s a month where a lot of ‘settling into the year’ takes place.

Overall, I have had a good month.

Below is a breakdown of each area.

Spiritual: I’ve managed to dedicate approximately 9.6% of my time to my spiritual growth.

The breakdown of that is as follows (including January comparative figures):

what is time management

My spiritual health is vitally important. It is the crux and foundation of everything I do.

To keep spiritually healthy, I try to:

  • read my Bible at least 3 times a week
  • pray every morning and evening (for at least 5 mins each time)
  • attend church every weekend
  • serve in the Car Park ministry every second week

Activity to Plan: I’m happy with the amount of time I am able to dedicate towards my spiritual growth.

I still believe I can increase the amount of time spent on reading my Bible and praying.

Career: I spent 42.6% of my time doing income generating work and building my career. This was a slight deline from last month’s 40%. Below is the breakdown:

define time management


why is time management important

As you can see from the screenshots above, the 44% is represented as follows:

  • Nike+ Run Club (NRC): 27.76%
  • Run For Wealth Blog: 10.67%
  • LifeHack: 0%
  • Juice Business: 1.28%
  • Marathon Based Leadership: 0%

Once again, NRC has kept me very busy. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Having said that, I must say that I am having the time of my life as the Coach of NRC Johannesburg, South Africa.

My work at Nike entails a number of meetings where plan and monitor our execution. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have our live sessions.

Undoubtedly, the live sessions rock the most. I get an opportunity to work with an amazing team of pacers. I get to see members of different abilities break physical and mental barriers.

Once a month, I’ll pick a highlight from the month. And this month has to be the be Speed Run we held on the 16th of February.

This Speed Run was focused on doing hill repeats. The members were broken up into different groups, according to the number of hill repeats and intensity they felt they could do. It was an epic session.

Below are some pics:


Nike+ Run Club


nike running club

As you can see from above, God could not have blessed me with a better opportunity to share my expertise and inspire many individuals to become better runners and athletes.

In the process they ultimately transform into better individuals who contribute positively in society.

As I indicated in the January Activity Report, Run For Wealth still remains the nucleus of all my work.

The bulk of the work was the research and writing of the 3 blog posts. You will see I spent 15.5 hrs in February on content. That’s an average of just over 5 hours per article. That is a lot of time. But I do it because I really believe that quality content is the one of the most important factors that contribute to a successful blog.

You will also notice that I spent just under 6 hrs working on my “Monthly Activity Report”. That entails consolidating the information and then writing the report that you are reading.

I did no work on LifeHack this month.

I have a juice business that I have been running for about 5 years. At the moment, it’s a straight forward and very simple business that entails logistics – delivery of the juice from the manufacturer to a niche network of consumers. (Hopefully one day I’ll be able to expand on this business that I believe hs massive potential). 

I did very little work on it this month.

Marathon Based Leadership is a course I’ve written and developed. The intention is to have talks and workshops centred around the concept. No work was done on it this month.

All the above work equates to approximately 26 hours per week and 5 hours per day. Considering that the average person works 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day, I’m pretty chuffed with my productivity levels in January.

Wealthy Affiliate and Herbalife are 2 opportunities I had a look at in the month of January. I love the vision shared by both organisations and I think there is massive synergy between their respective mission and my mission of sharing solutions on Wealth Creation and helping “Run A Fulfilled Life Race”.

I also think the products sold by the these companies are fantastic. The business opportunities they provide are also awesome.

I have always had a passion for Properties and Commodities. In fact, I bought my first property o”off-plan” at the age of 20. At age 25, I had a portfolio of 8 properties – consisting of properties I had bought “off-plan” and on auction.

However, I lost all of those by age 28. (That’s a story for another day!). 

I’m now wiser. I appreciate God’s wisdom because I had not lost those properties, my life would never have taken a turn for the better.

Most importantly, I have every confidence that ALL those ‘lost properties’ will return 100 fold. That’s the God I serve!

So, I’ve starting pursuing some property deals and over the next few years I am hoping to share some insights.

Activity to Plan: Overall, I’ve spent just under 103 hrs on my career in the month of February. That’s an average of approximately 21 hrs per week. This equates to approximately 4 hrs per day, in a 5-day week.

Considering that most people spend on average 8 hrs per day on their career, often doing work they hate – I consider myself to be incredibly privileged where my career is concerned.

Over the next couple months, you will begin to see an increase in the time spent of Wealthy Affiliate, Herbalife and the  “Marathon Based Leadership” Programme.

I am not going to spend anymore than 5hrs per day on my work. It will remain at the current 40% of my time.

What does this mean? It means I need to be incredibly creative in the amount of time I use for all the work that I do. This is where the power of SYNERGY will come into play. Synergy is a powerful wealth creation tool. Over the next couple of months, I will highlight its impact through my monthly reports.

Relationships: I combine the time spent with family, friends, my girlfriend, business partners and colleagues under the relationship section. This can obviously overlap with the time reflected under my “Leisure” time.

In February, I spent approximately 13.65% of my time on my relationships. This is a significant drop from the 19% in January.

Below is a picture of my sister completing her first Marathon. I was there at the end and it felt really awesome. (And yes she is in tears!!)

Biggup to the guy in the black. alongside her. That is Yusuf Stemela aka Boxer. An awesome individual he is. He is also one of the NRC Pacers. On the day, he played an integral part to my sister completing her first marathon.

Boitumelo. Johnson Crane

Below is a pic of my me and girlfriend at a gig we had been invited to. I absolutely love this pic!

How to have a healthy relationship

Activity to Plan: You can never spend enough time with people you adore.

As I’ve always said, relationships are the most important aspect after my spiritual growth. I always cherish the time I fond to spend with loved ones.

13.65% is no where close to enough. Over the next couple of months, I will be working hard, smart and creatively to increase that time.  

Physical: In February, I my training included 12 runs totaling 173 kms over 12 runs and 5 gym sessions compared to 16 runs, totaling 317 kms and 6 gym sessions in January.

Below is a breakdown:

time management activities

define time management

why is time management important

Over the month of February, I spent just under 7% of my time on my physical training split as follows:

  • Gym (Cross Training): 2.38%
  • Running (Comrades Marathon Training): 4.6%

Here’s a comparative analysis for January and February:

time management activities

The month of Jan has been fantastic on the training front. I’m feeling really awesome. On 31st January, I ran a 3hr 35mins Marathon as a first race for 2016, in preparation for my 5th Comrades in May.

Activity to Plan: Although I fell ill in February and didn’t train for 10 days, I’m still incredibly happy with my fitness and training progress.

As you can see from the last screenshot, I’m 110 kms behind my target cumulative kms for the end of February.

That’s ok. I’m not too stressed by that because I’ve learnt that plans don’t always go 100%. Sometimes they go slightly wrong. At times they go horribly wrong.

The 10 days of rest was well deserved. Again, that didn’t concern me too much because I know how long it takes to lose your running fitness.

Overall, it’s been a great month from a physical health and training perspective.

Financial: This is the time I use manage my money. To do this, I use a budget sheet and track my income against my monthly expenditure.

In February, I spent 1.14% of my time managing my money. This equates to a total of just under 3 hrs.

In doing that, I track the following key areas of expenditure:

  • Tithe
  • Saving
  • Re-investment into current projects
  • Investing into new projects
  • “Living life to the fullest” (Leisure/ Pleasure) expenditure
  • End of month expenditure
  • Day to day (during the month) expenditure

Ultimately, I am able to achieve two objectives:

  1. Ensure I spend less than what I earn
  2. Grow the income I earn through investment into current projects or new projects

Activity to Plan: Given the above objectives, I’m glad with the management of my finances. I indicated last month that I was excited about two new business opportunities that I have invested in.

The initial cost of investment into those two businesses was 2.65% of my total income. 

That is definitely the highlight of my month and I’m looking forward to the next few months as I invest more time into the growth of these businesses.

Ultimately, money is a huge contributing factor to living a fulfilled and abundant life. Spending 1% of my time to manage this is time well spent.

Charity: This is one area of my life that I really cherish. Although I spent a total of 3 hrs (1.28%) of my time on this area, those very few hours were invaluable.

This month, I spent my charity time on collecting clothes from various donors and distributing them to Hospice in Orlando East, Soweto.

Every minute spent on charity always reminds me of how privileged I am. In addition, it teaches me a lot about the spirit of generosity (from the donors perspective) and appreciation (from the recipients perspective).

Action to Plan: I collect and distribute the clothes with two friends. Where possible, we do it as a team. At times, we work on a rotational basis. We collect the items of clothing on a Sunday morning, dedicate a few hours to sort the clothing into different age groups and then set aside some time to distribute.

Our plan is to sort and distribute at least twice a month. This month, we were only able to sort and distribute once. Let’s hope this will improve in the month of March.

Leisure: We all need some time out to do a whole lot of nothing. This is the time I use to either relax or let loose and have a great deal of fun.

In February, I spent just over 11% of my time on leisure. Most of it was time spent watching TV. I spent quite a bit of time with my girlfriend as well.

Activity to Plan: I’d love to spend more time with my girlfriend. At the moment, it is proving to be tougher than expected.

However, I know I’ll be able to make some adjustments and spend a lot more time with her.

Generally, I’m happy with the amount of leisure time I get. 

How Am I Able To Achieve Balance?

The key to achieving balance is pro-actively and intentionally chasing a business model that gives you time freedom.

Because most of our time is spent on our careers, one of the biggest contributing factors to leading a balanced life is to pro-actively seek opportunities that will give you time freedom.

Not only do I spend less hours on my career (43%) than the average person, I am able achieve more because I have centred by business around a model known as a Direct Response Business (DRB) or what is commonly known as an Online Business.

Every business opportunity I pursue, except for the juice business is centred around this business model. There’s massive potential in the juice business (especially because I can link it to some charity work I intend doing). For now, I’m more than happy to continue with it.

Activity to Plan: At the moment, I consider myself incredibly fortunate and blessed to have a career that gives me time freedom. I do more than 75% of my work from my laptop.

Having said that, time freedom comes with a massive amount of responsibility because I need to use that time effectively and positively in other areas of my life.   


February has been another good month.

As you can see from the report, a lot has happened. Having said that, I believe a lot in SYNERGY. That’s why I am very selective about what I get myself involved in.

Being all over the place and being terribly busy does not equate to being effective and productive.

A lot of my activities are inter-linked because of this powerful concept known as synergy.

More importantly, I still think there’s plenty room for improvement as you will note under my “Action to Plan” comments.

You’ll notice that the two monthly reports have been quite lengthy in comparison to my blog posts. It’s early days and I’ll probably tweak the format as I progress – without losing the essence of the reports.

I have to point out something very important. Under the “Time Management” section, I spent approximately 3.5 hrs on updating my Activity Log – i.e. recording the amount of time I spend in each of my areas. In the “Run For Wealth” section, I spent just over 5.5 hrs on writing the January Activity Report.

In essence, I’ve spent approximately 9hrs (4%) of my time tracking and assessing my life.

That’s the crux of this report. I need to track my activities in line with my plans and then assess my progress by focusing on areas that are yielding good results and tweaking those that are not so great. At times, it means completely dropping certain activities.

And that is how you get ahead in life. It’s a science that requires an incredible amount of dedication. But, the results are well worth it.

Once again, I really hope that this report will inspire you to start tracking your activities, By doing that, you edge closer to the role of being CEO of your life. As you edge closer to that, I know that I’ve achieved my objective of helping you “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

God Bless!

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