Hi, my name is Peteni Kuzwayo.

I am the Founder and Editor of Run For Wealth. 

Over the past 8 years, I have run:

  • In excess of 40 marathons (Personal Best: 3hrs 22min, 2017 Wally Hayward)

Johnson Crane

  • In excess of 20 ultra-marathons (Personal Best: 4hrs 57min, 2017 Two Oceans)


  • 6 Comrades Marathons (Personal Best: 9hrs 24mins in 2011)

Comrades Finish

I am currently training for my seventh Comrades Marathon, taking place on 10 June 2018.

My Comrades Marathon certificate:


Below is the a picture of me running my very first marathon in 2010:

First Soweto Marathon in 2010. My best friend giving support

First Soweto Marathon in 2010. My best friend giving support

It’s been an amazing 7 years considering I was overweight and suffered from asthma for over 2 decades. In fact, back then I could hardly run for 2 kms without running out of breath.

My overweight self:

Chubby me

Chubby me in 2006

To top it all off, life was a huge party of promiscuity and alcohol. Me and my best friend drank almost every day of our lives life.

Below is a picture of me drunk as a skunk (and I was the designated driver on the day!):

Drunk as a skunk

Drunk as a skunk in 2008

We ruled the streets, or so we thought:

We ALWAYS had Jack Daniels & Lemonade in the car. The car was a mobile wardrobe... that's how much we loved the streets

This was 2003. We ALWAYS had Jack Daniels & Lemonade in the car. The car was a mobile wardrobe… that’s how much we loved the streets

I look back at the complete turnaround I’ve experienced in my life over the past 5 years and I feel I need to share one of life’s greatest blessings: good health.

I also feel obliged to share the ripple effects of good health in the other key areas of your life.

I feel obliged because I have experienced both sides of the world.

I have experienced the reckless side of life. They type of life where you think you’ve got it all figured out when in fact you are trapped and your life is headed down a slippery slope.

I’ve also experienced the productive side of life. This is the life where you still able to have great fun. This time around though, you are in control.

In transcending from a life of recklessness and slavery, I’ve learned to “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.   This transformation, my friend, is what I want to share with you.

BUT, I am only willing to share with those who believe that 1) good health is important 2) good health is fundamental to a fruitful life.

So what drives me? To me, this is important because “Run For Wealth” has to be sustainable and generational.

In case the question ever crosses your mind, below are 4 key factors that drive me:

  1. Grace: I acknowledge that everything I do is purely by God’s Grace upon my life.
  2. Appreciation: I realize that the only way I can live my life successfully is to show appreciation for the Grace I have. As a result, everything I do, I do it with the intention of presenting my life back to God as a gift.
  3. Helping others: I want to have a positive impact on people’s lives. My intention is to help people who visit this blog to lead a healthy, abundant and balanced lifestyle.
  4. Encourage those who I’ve helped to help others: Making a positive impact on one person’s life half the victory. The ultimate victory for me is to help people in a way that enables them to in turn help others.

You might be asking yourself: “Am I at the right place?”

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, then you are definitely at the right place:

  • I want to start running as a form of exercise
  • I want to improve my casual running and complete a 10km/21km/42km/50km/56km or Comrades Marathon
  • I want to run in a way that creates abundance in my spiritual, mental, relationship and financial life
  • I want to become a “difference maker” by leading a life that will impact those around me positively

God Bless!