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Given the highly pressured lifestyle most live, time is an absolute luxury. As such, the majority of people can hardly find time to exercise.

Those that make it to the gym or are able to fit in a running or cycling routine, often do it on a tight schedule. Any suggestion to add ‘frivolous’ activities linked to exercising often attract a frown.

Although I run a busy schedule, I try to master my time usage. As a result, I have the privilege of exercising regularly, at least four times a week. In that schedule, I try to hit the gym at least three times a week. Without fail, all my gym sessions are followed by a steam room session – a frivolous activity to many.

Since I gym in the mornings, I’ve observed that very few people have time for a chat in the change rooms. Most take a shower and get dressed – military style. At the blink of an eye, they’re out of there, presumably to go and grind it out in their day jobs.

Given these time constraints, why on earth should people spend 5 – 20 minutes in the steam room?

In this post, I’ll share 9 ways that the steam room has benefited me over the years, and ultimately allowed me to live a superb lifestyle.

I hope it inspires you to start spending at least 5 minutes in the steam every time you hit the gym.

1. Chill Out and Reflect

Life can get really hectic. To ease the pace, you’ve got to be pro-active and find a way to chill out and reflect.

What better way than the steam room.

After a good (sometimes bad and lousy) workout, I take 10 – 20 minutes to take some time-out.

In those minutes, I do nothing. I reflect on the day ahead. I silently express my gratitude to the Almighty for another day.

On the rare occasion I will have a chat with some of the guys in the steam room. Most times though, I’m selfish. That’s my “me time” and a mere “hey gents, wassup” is enough and I proceed to go sit, shut up and just chill out.

2. Detoxifies the Body

As an athlete, I try to stick to a diet plan that contains the 5 basic components. I don’t always get it right. In fact, I sometimes find myself eating a lot of junk food.

Add to that the potentially high levels of work, business and relationship stress we live under, and you quickly realize that we are all susceptible, at some point or another, to waste products in our bodies.

Since steam rooms assist the body to sweat immensely, you are able to enhance the secretion of these toxins. In addition, it assists your liver and kidney functions by alleviating some of their detoxifying responsibilities.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

During any steam room session, the heat from the steam causes the blood vessels to expand.

That expansion increases the pulse rate and flow of blood throughout your body.

4. Improves Breathing

In an article published on Every Day Health, titled “What Is Sinus Infection”, the followings is said: “sinusitis affects up to 20 percent of people at some point, and can be caused by viruses, bacteria, or other factors.”.

Sinusitis is a massive problem for many. I was once a victim and suffered from Asthma for over 20 years.

I can say with certainty that using the steam room regularly over the past years has made a massive impact towards curing my Asthma.

Respiratory disorders cause the development of mucus and this clogs the respiratory system. The wet heat from the steam room helps to melt this mucus, open up the airways and alleviate congestion.

Ultimately, this is highly beneficial therapy for those who suffer from respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis, as it helps with sinus relief.

5. Boosts Immune System

For someone like myself, who actively seeks to get the best out of each and every single day, it is incredibly frustrating to get hit by a cold and find myself bed-ridden.

If you are anything like me, anything to boost your immune system is welcome. And steam rooms are an awesome way to boost your immune system.

In essence, steam rooms expose your body to an environment with a very high temperature. Initially, it will cause temporary fever, which will result in the release of antibodies that are typically used to combat infectious microorganisms.

Over time, constantly doing this will help improve your immune.

6. Eases Joint and Muscle Soreness

Any form of exercise – be it hills training, a speed workout or cross-training in the gym – results in muscle aches.

While we all hate those aches, at the back of our minds we know that those aches are good because they often mean you’ve had a good workout.

Having said that, we all appreciate ways of easing those aches and enhancing muscle repair and recovery.

Aches and pain in joints and muscles, including diseases such as Arthritis,  is often caused by poor blood circulation. Steaming, as already discussed, increases blood flow throughout the body. More blood results in more oxygen and nutrients being delivered to those cells, and this relieves the pain in those areas and accelerates the repair of tissues damaged through exercise.

7. Improves metabolism and aids weight loss

Who doesn’t want to lose or maintain an ideal weight?

One of the biggest motivators for exercise and eating right is weight loss and weight maintenance.

The steam room, by virtue of its high temperature, increases metabolism because it causes you to sweat. It goes without saying that sweat means water loss.

Because water makes up a massive part of your body, losing it results in weight loss.

8. Benefits for Your Skin

Beautiful skin is priceless!

That glow and radiation gives you confidence that is unparalleled.

Treatment of your skin is costly. From the products to the services offered to make your skin radiate, the costs are exorbitant.

Personally, I’ve found steam rooms to be one of the best and most cost effective ways of getting beautiful skin. More importantly, I found it to be a natural treatment versus the alternative chemical treatments.

The secret in steam rooms?

Well, I’ve already mentioned that steaming detoxifies your body and increases blood circulation and flow to your skin, and provides it with much need nutrients.

In addition, steam rooms use moist heat. As a result, your pores open up and assist your skin to stay hydrated.

All the above results in your skin softening.

Ultimately, you begin to look younger and feel awesome as the years pass by.

9. Improves sleeping habits

In an article authored by myself, published on Lifehack and titled “This Is Why Your Body Loves Sleep”, I list 8 reasons why sleep is vital for us to function optimally.

Given all the benefits tied to steam rooms, it is impossible not to experience an improvement in your sleeping habits.


As an Ultra-marathon athlete, Blogger and Nike+ Run Club coach, I live a very interesting (often busy) life.

Each week, I have to hit the gym at least 4 times, spend hours on end on the road training. I then have to attend to my coaching duties at the Nike+ Run Club, assisting hundreds of individuals to become accomplished athletes. In addition, I have to spend hours every week doing research for my articles and writing my weekly publications.

Despite the above, I live each and every single day completely energized. I lie (I do have the occasional day where I feel fatigued). But these days of fatigue are very few and far between.

In all the above, I have to admit that steam rooms have played a vital and amazing role. Almost like the silent medical practitioner.

Just a few considerations as I conclude.

I’ve come across guys who skip the gym and literally go straight to the steam room and spend 30 – 45 minutes. DO NOT spend anything more than 20 minutes in the steam room.

Because of the heat and moist, steam rooms offer an environment in which germs and bacteria can thrive. It is always advisable to wear flip flops and carry a towel that you can use to sit on.

Considering the amount of sweating and liquid lost, it is advisable to always keep hydrated. You can either carry a squeeze bottle and drink water during your steam room session or drink the water after you’ve completed the session.

If you ever feel dizzy, cease your steam room session immediately.

If you have any diseases such as diabetes, low blood pressure and cardiac problems, please consult your doctor before using the steam room.

Steam rooms rock! Personally, they’ve been the silent medical practitioner in my life. As a result, I will always advise anyone to use the steam room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article and found it useful.

God Bless!

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  1. Kwezilomso
    3 years ago

    TRUTH especially benefits to skin. I used to suffer from severe acne after many years of medical treatments including roaccutane I decided to stop it all and fundamentally change my life style. Eating well as mentioned, Exercise and THE STEAM ROOM…have worked wonders!!

    • Peteni
      3 years ago


      Beautiful comments Kwezi.

      Much appreciated.

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