8 Life Lessons About Floyd Mayweather That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Life

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Much has been documented about Floyd Mayweather. There was much hype about him pre and post his fight with Manny Pacquiao, that resulted in a whopping $180 000 000 pay day in just one hour.

I’m not much of a Mayweather fan. I would have loved for Manny to win. In fact, for much of the fight I thought Manny had won. But the results simply proved how much of a boxing novice I am. What I was seeing, clouded by my “pro-Manny” emotions, was far from the reality of the results below:

floyd mayweather and manny fight results

Post the fight, many were pissed off. They labelled Floyd all sorts of crazy stuff: woman beater, coward, rip-off (who just wanted to make big bucks), etc. It is no secret that Floyd has lived an incredibly colourful and somewhat controversial life. However, this post is not about that.

After the fight, I thought to myself: “As a long distance athlete and business person, I’d be foolish not to want to learn a few things from this character.”

Whatever his pitfalls, it’s quite clear that he is doing a number of things right.

I, like many others, have had and continue to have my pitfalls. But, by the grace of God, I continue to strive to be the best me and accomplish the mission that inspired of this very blog platform, which is to “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

So, enough about Floyd’s ‘woes’ (for now). Let’s get to the crux of why I believe, and possibly you, can learn a number of things from Floyd Mayweather that are guaranteed to improve your life.

1. He’s a Visionary

We can all sit in the critics stand and say whatever we want, but I truly believe that the $180 000 000 pay day was no stroke of luck.

That the pay-day, like many of his previous pay-days were a by-product of many factors, many of which I will discuss below.

But where did the turning point start?

In article published on Celebrity Networth, titled: “One Simple Yet Very Risky Gamble In 2006 Enabled Floyd Mayweather To Make Hundreds Of Millions Today”, the author – Brian Warner – highlights the following:

  • In 2006, Floyd counter-offered a Bob Arum (his promoter at the time) deal of $8 000 000 to fight Antonio Margarito and said he instead wanted to fight Oscar De Laya Hoya for $20 000 000. Bob thought he was nuts
  • After 10 years of fighting under Top Rank Boxing Promotions (Bob Arum’s company), Floyd bought himself out of the contract for $750 000
  • In May 2007, Floyd eventually got a fight with Oscar De La Hoya and earned $25 000 000, the biggest payout in boxing history at the time
  • In 2013, Floyd got his own promoter’s licence from the Nevada Gaming Commission. This allowed him to launch Mayweather Promotions and finally become his own boss

Forget the crazy money that Floyd makes, the guy had a vision. Whatever the details of the vision were, only he can best articulate that.

Today though, what is factual is that Floyd Mayweather is an incredibly successful Boxer, founder of Mayweather Productions and The Money Team (which sells his clothing and accessories).

My learning points:

As founder of Wealthy Mindset, I have a vision. As the editor of “RunForWealth”, I have a vision. I’d be foolish not to learn something from this visionary. I will never earn the crazy millions of dollars that Floyd earns. But I understand fully that I need to plow huge seeds if I want to reap some incredible financial rewards from this blog. I can’t wait for those days!

Food for thought for you:

What vision do you have? Be it written or stored somewhere in your medulla oblongata – the fact remains, for us to do anything significant in life, we need a vision.

Not all of us will become our own bosses. Even employees need a vision that needs to drive the, to a point where they fulfill their potential.

2. He leads a simple, effective life

It’s crazy how we all want to be busy. Yet, very few people are busy and productive. Even worse is that very few people are productive in line with their life vision.

Whilst I’ve mentioned that Floyd is founder and probably President or Chairperson of both Mayweather Promotions and The Money Team, when all is said and done, he still remains a Professional Boxer.

This shows, without a shadow of doubt, that oftentimes, “Less Is More”.

He spends most of his time on being the best boxer he can be.  His daily activities are predominantly focused on boxing, versus trying to sell the most caps and t-shirts.

Everything else, although closely related to his boxing activities, is supplementary.

As a result, Floyd’s life is simple – but very effective.

My learning points:

I want to live a balanced and fulfilled life by creating wealth. As such, I want to create platforms that will help me to do this in the most effective way. Those platforms need to allow me to focus on what my objective: living a life that shows that it is possible to live an abundant and balanced life. As a direct result of this, I do a lot of writing for my blog and other platforms, such as Lifehack.

It can take me up to 10 hours to research and publish one post. Yes – ONE!

I spend a lot of my time running – largely training for major events such as Comrades. I spend a minimum of 14 hours per week on the road, running.

I need to strive to keep my life simple.

Food for thought for you:

Is your life simple or hectic? Are you productive? Is your productivity linked to something that is meaningful and fulfilling or are you simply productive for the sake of being productive?

3.He is Dedicated to His Craft

One of Floyd’s greatest attributes is his dedication to his craft. Yes he is talented. Yes, he is often labelled one of the greatest boxers of all time.

But, behind the scenes is an individual who has an incredible amount of self-discipline and work ethic.

In article published on Yahoo Sports on 19 July 2013, titled: “Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Secret To Success? Nobody Works Harder”, it is quite clear that his work ethic is super-natural.

Is he the hardest working boxer of all time? Honestly, we’ll never know the answer to that.

What we do know is that Floyd has people who have worked with him for many years who can vouch for his hard work. Granted, they are on his pay-roll. But, I honestly think that given Floyd’s conditioning – every time I’ve seen him fight – one can’t argue against his hard work.

And yes, he is a motor-mouth himself. And this is what he had to say in that article:


My Learning points:

I need to respect my craft and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my work and anything that I do.

Food for thought for you:

Are you dedicated to the work that you currently?

Are you dedicated to other areas in your life – be it your relationships, health, etc?

4. He is Unconventional

Go to school, study hard, get a comfortable 9-5 job and you’ll live a great life!

That’s the “turn-key” solution that most of us follow. Sadly, very few people ever find fulfillment in this.

For me, I look at Floyd and I can describe him in one word: unconventional!

His training is unconventional.

I mean who goes running at midnight? Honestly, I’ll only ever do that when I run the “Marathon Of The Midnight Sun in Tromso, Norway”, as part of my quest to run the 25 Amazing Routes route around the world.

Who cuts trees as part his training? Yeah, I know all the nature conservationists will probably cry foul. For now, can you put that side and embrace the guy’s unconventional, yet effective, way of doing things.

The quote below, which is anonymous, says a mouthful about how life has conditioned us to being conventional:

pay bills and die

Learning points:

I want “Run For Wealth” to reflect the best of me. I want it to glorify my Almighty. Some day in the near future, I want this very platform to fund my entire lifestyle. From my every day running costs, to my monthly bills and those 25 Amazing Routes I want to run all over the world. For me to achieve that, it’s going to take some unconventional ways of thinking and habits.

I must never settle for the norm. Being unconventional is tough and requires an incredible amount of sacrifice, but it is the most fulfilling route to follow

Food for thought for you:

Are you currently feeling like you are living to pay bills and die?

Are you using any unconventional ways to try and live a fulfilling life?

It’s tough to be unconventional. It’s unpopular as well. But, as the saying goes – “fortune favours the brave”. In essence, fortune favours those who are willing to be unconventional.

How can you be different and yet effective in your everyday life? Be it in your business or at work, how can you stand out?

5. He Rewards Himself Handsomely

It is no secret that Floyd splashes his money. There is more than enough evidence of that.

With a fleet of cars that is worth millions of dollars, and two private jets that are worth in excess of $40 000 000 each, he has perfected the art of “going big!”


Personally, I see it as his way of working hard and playing hard.

The ‘morally astute’ and ‘holier than though’ will be quick to point out that he spends his cash like a jerk when he splashes $100 000 at a strip club in one night.

It is rumoured that on fight night with Manny, his pal – a duffel bag – that has been nicknamed the “pregnant duffel” by members of his entourage, contained $250 000 that he planned on spending at a strip club after winning the fight.

Quite frankly, like Kermit the frog so aptly puts it, how Floyd spends his money is “none of my business”.

One thing for sure, he understands the value of rewarding himself for hard work. Most importantly is that he doesn’t value his rewards over the craft that enables him to keep balling.

Sadly, too many people celebrate to a point of no return.

My Learning points:

In everything that I do, I need to find a way to reward myself for milestones achieved – be it small or big. I need to learn to hard work and celebrate as well.

Food for thought for you:

When last did you celebrate your small and/or big achievements?

Does you celebrating trap you to a point that ruins the very vehicle that enables you celebrate?

It’s critical to celebrate. But, it’s more important to have limits.

6. His Personal Woes Didn’t Keep Him Down

Floyd has had his fair share of relationship and financial troubles. Gosh, haven’t we all?

Just because you and I don’t appear in the tabloids for some of the crap we’ve caused, makes us no different to Floyd.

Am I condoning his behavior? Absolutely not! I’m merely highlighting that we live in a world of people who throw stones whilst living in glass houses.

I’ve seen too many people stuff up in life, make horrible mistakes and stay down. For me, Floyd’s ability to refuse to stay down given his personal and financial woes is what I want to highlight.

So what were some of his woes?

He has a colourful history of criminal convictions that Wikipedia lists aptly:

  • 2002: charges on two counts of domestic violence and one count of misdemeanor battery
  • 2004: convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery against two women
  • 2005: pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge after hitting and kicking a bouncer
  • 2010: sought by police for questioning after his former girlfriend, Josie Harris, filed a domestic battery report against him. Was also charged with felony theft (stemming from the disappearance of Harris’s mobile phone); two felony coercion charges, one felony robbery charge, one misdemeanor domestic-battery charge and three misdemeanor harassment charges
  • 2011: pled no contest to two counts of misdemeanor harassment, stemming from threats to his children.


In addition, Floyd had some run-ins with his dad which resulted in him firing his father as his manager in 2000 and later on axing him as his trainer.

Despite all his financial success, he has had his fair share of financial troubles. At some point, he owed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) $6.1 million in back taxes. In September 2009 Floyd was sued by JP Morgan for failing to make payment on a $528,000 Mercedes Maybach 57S.

Most of us are bound to mess up at some point in our lives. After-all, that’s how we learn.

Has Floyd learnt and turned from his ways of old? I can’t say with certainty. What I can say with certainty is that he has not allowed his personal problems to dictate his direction in life.

Learning points for me:

I will have problems: self-created and otherwise. No matter how big the challenges, I need to face them with courage and overcome them.

More importantly, I need to learn from those mistakes and become a better person

Food for thought for you:

Are you going through any personal problems? Do you have people around you who keep reminding you how much of a loser you are? Do you have those midnight voices that keep whispering garbage as you try to strive forward?

Getting knocked down by life is inevitable. But staying down is your choice.

7. He is Money Wise

We can all rant and rave about how Floyd spends his money.

One thing I can guarantee is this: he is no fool when it comes to money. Be it his ability to make or spend the money – the guy has a gift.

Firstly, I’ve alluded to the fact his ability to earn the crazy money he earns is no fluke. It took a visionary and astute businessman to get him to where he is today.

Secondly, Floyd spends money he has. He doesn’t ball on a credit.

Let’s have a look at his career earnings. In all his fights, he has earned a total of $590 000 000.

His spending in relation to his earnings?

Let’s take the most extravagant of his purchases – the two private jets: less than $100 000 000 for both (16%).

His fleet of luxury cars? Let’s be ridiculous and assume they cost him $50 000 000 (8%).

His two houses? Let’s also assume they cost $50 000 000. That’s another 8%.

I don’t even want to mention the shopping sprees and the amount he spends at clubs because it is minute. But, what the heck – let’s go down that road.

If Floyd has spent $50 000 000 on everything else, that’s another 8%. Suppose he spends $100 000 every time he goes shopping or goes to a club, he would have to have shopped and gone to a club 500 times. That equates to him shopping every weekend for the past 10 years and spending $100 000.

The likelihood of that happening, considering his discipline and time spent training? Zilch!

Now that we’ve had a look at the above spending, let’s add it all up:

  • $100 000 000 (jets)
  • $50 000 000 (cars)
  • $50 000 000 (properties)
  • $50 000 000 (shopping and clubbing spree over 10 year period)

The total is $250 000 000. That’s 43%!

Honestly, if you gave me $590 000 000 in earnings, I don’t know if I’d even stay disciplined enough to keep focused on my craft. But, that’s a story for another day.

Yes, people focus on his crazy spending. But, we need some perspective. At least, he is spending money he has when most of the haters and nay-sayers on balling on credit.

A person who spends $400 on a bill at a local club and earns $1 000 is far worse off than Floyd is.

Learning points for me:

Spending is relative to how much you earn. It is not the magnitude of your spending that counts but the percentage spent in relation to your income

Food for thought for you:

Are you spending wisely relative to your earnings? Are you even spending your money or are you buying stuff on credit?

Money wisdom is spending YOUR money in relation to how much you earn.

8. He Backs “Brand Floyd”

It is quite incredible that for the prestigious athlete he is, he has no endorsements.

Floyd backs himself. He trusts completely in his ability, potential and brand power.

Endorsements are great – at any level. All incredible athletes make most of their earnings through endorsements.

For the ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry like myself, endorsements and sponsorships are awesome. If an endorsement came knocking at my door for this “Run For Wealth” platform, I would consider it.

However, if that endorsement or sponsorship forces me to deviate from my plans sell my dreams, then I would pass.

It’s tough to make such calls, especially early on when you are trying to build your brand.

In 2006, Floyd trusted himself and his brand.

My Learning points:

I need to trust in my abilities enough to back myself. Whilst endorsements and sponsorships are great, I should never short-change brand “Wealthy Mindset” and “Run For Wealth”.

Food for thought for you:

Are you short-changing yourself? Are you chasing sponsorships and ‘endorsements’ and selling your dreams in the process?


After the fight, many were irate. The irony though is this: if Floyd gets a re-match with Manny, we will see the same old critics – who called him a coward, rip off and pathetic fighter – come back for me.

For the past 5 fights, Floyd has attracted an incredible following. He attracts the type of following that has earned him a deal worth approximately $300 000 000 over 30 months with Showtime. He’s giving Showtime every return on investment. In fact, he is jamming their Pay Per View channel, with the latest subscription of 3 000 000 viewers causing havoc.

He attracts the best of the best. Las Vegas airport experienced a private jet jam up like never before:

Las vegas airport

I’m no Mayweather die-hard fan. But, I respect his amazing talent and business savvy. As a long-distance athlete and business person, I’d be a fool not to want to learn a few things from this man.

Much respect!

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