4 Reasons Why The 2016 Soweto Marathon Was My Best Running Day Ever!

I’ve been running for a while.

Having run my first Marathon in November 2010, I’ve gone on to run in excess of 40 Marathons in my 7 years of running.

In that period, I’ve also run in excess of 20 Ultra-marathons, including 5 Comrades Marathons.

So yeah, I’ve had some special moments – the most memorable being the completion of my first Comrades Marathon.

On that day, I shed some tears.

But, the 2016 Soweto Marathon was my best running day. Ever.


Well, here are simple 4 reasons:

1. Paced A “Sub 4 Marathon” Group For The First Time

I’ve never paced a group officially.

Carrying the hopes of many runners, over and above the massive task of completing your own race, is a massive burden.

Yes, I’ve helped runners before by unofficially pacing them. The difference is this – if I had failed on those previous occasions, I had a leg to stand on.

That leg: “sorry guys, I found you running your race and was merely trying to help. I didn’t come out and officially promise to carry you from start to finish”

On 6 November, the stakes were different.

From start to finish, the responsibility fell straight on my lap and thank God we made it in a time of 3:58:35.

2. Nike+ Run Club Paced Its Members For The First Time In An Official Race

Nike+ Run Club (NRC) has been running for 16 months.

A huge part of the NRC machinery is PACERS!

So, you’d think that Pacing comes second nature after you’ve done it for 16 months?

Well, not quite.

Pacing 12 members at a NRC session vs 50 at an official race is different.

Pacing a 4km, 6km, 8km and 12km (the normal distances at NRC) is cool. But pacing a 21km or 42km is a completely different ball game.

And so for us as a NRC Team, it was complete new ground. We had to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

And the emotions at the end said it all..


Those who had finished already kept cheering the rest of the team as they came in to finish…


Some could not hold back. Their expressions as they approached the finish line were beyond description…


Our members had every reason to show off their silver wear…


And, of course, a celebration would be incomplete without a little “turn up” at the Nike+ Run Club VIP marquee…


And boy was it a fulfilling feeling on the day – to see everything come together for everyone involved.

3. I Witnessed Numerous Runners Achieve & Share Their Running Success Stories

Without a shadow of doubt, this was most fulfilling.

And here are a few of those stories:







The stories are plenty…

And I could go on.

But I think you get the gist!

 4. I Was Left Even More Convinced That Running Changes People’s Lives

Ultimately, my objective at “Run For Wealth” is to help people Run A Fulfilling Life Race. 

This objective manifests itself in so many different shapes and forms.

But, as I always maintain, running is a great life metaphor. And the very principles learnt from running find their into our everyday lives.

And it is these principles that have the potential to change people’s lives forever.


How can your running change other people’s lives?

Be it your work or home environment or social circles, your running can change people’s lives.

Find simple ways to make this a reality.

God Bless!!!

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  1. cherrie_e_fit
    1 year ago

    Peteni, this bring shivers and tears in my eyes. I unofficially paced a sub 5 bus at the 2016 Soweto Marathon, my first ever bus. I remember thiking “what was I thinking”. There is no better feeling though than delivering to the finish those that had put all their faith on you. I am not sure if I have had a better running high than that day. After reading your blog I have decided that I will do the same in 2017, God willing. All the best to you my brother.

    • Peteni
      12 months ago

      Hi Cindy

      Thanks for your comments.

      Running is an amazing sporting discipline. It is almost impossible to run long distances, over many years and not become a helper of others. Well done on being brave – especially at Soweto Marathon. This year, it will still be tough. But, at least, you’d have experienced that pressure before.


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