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A number of people visit the “RunForWealth” website and I’m pretty convinced that one of the first questions that crosses their minds is:  what the heck is this website all about?

Whilst most will visit the “About” page and get a brief understanding of what the website is about, this blog post is written with 2 key objectives:

  1. Link Running to the concept of Wealth
  2. Give a more detailed description of the “About” page

To achieve the above, I’ll take you through the 4 Key Reasons that inspired the “RunForWealth” website.

If you are one of these visitors who has ever asked “what the heck is RunForWealth about”, I hope that by the end of this post, I would have answered you appropriately.

Let’s have a look at the 4 reasons:

1. Being Wealthy is the highest level of living

I grew up hearing about this concept called Wealth.

It intrigued me. And so, I did a bit of research and made full use of my favourite uncle “Google”.

What followed was incredible.

I started to read articles on wealth and wealth creation. I downloaded a few videos and started following a few blogs. I began to attend various seminars on wealth creation. Some of those seminars were free whilst others cost an arm and a length.

From that time (about February 2001) onwards, I have never looked back.

Prior to the research, it was a gut feel. A sixth sense. I kind of knew that there was something profound about wealth.

But post all the research, it was no longer a gut feel. It slowly, but surely, turned to a conviction.

I was convinced – without a shadow of doubt – that living a wealthy lifestyle was the highest level of living.

2. Sharing Wealth is my Life Purpose

With the conviction embedded in my heart, I knew that my life purpose was somehow related to wealth creation.

Through my research, I realized that wealth was largely defined in financial terms. This, to me, was a fundamental flaw.

As a result, I set about on this crazy “Wealthy Mindset” journey. It was in 2007 that I registered Wealthy Mindset® as a trademark and a company.

The journey was unclear at the time. What would this journey encompass? What exactly would my angle be? Was this going to be a short, medium or long-term adventure?

Honestly, I found very little clarity until I set aside some time to craft a Vision and Mission Statement.

Vision and Mission Statements were a far-fetched phenomenon at the time. A phenomenon only applicable to companies and global corporates.

I started jotting down some fancy words. I crafted some long-winded paragraphs that sounded nice.  Eventually, I settled on the following for Wealthy Mindset®:

“Share knowledge with motivated and willing individuals on the power of living a life of abundance. In doing so, I will create awareness and provide a wealth of information and solutions on how to achieve ultimate life balance in the Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Relationship and Financial aspects of life”.

Eight years down the line, I can’t emphasize enough the significance the above four-line paragraph has played in my life.

It has fine-tuned my life. It has brought laser focus. It drives my new year’s resolutions each year. It speaks to my daily activities. It is the framework of my decision making. Every choice I make, I bounce off those four lines.

Those four lines have become my life purpose!

3. Wealth goes far beyond finances

I’ve already alluded to the fact that most of my research on wealth yielded results that largely suggested that wealth is all about money and material.

To most – you mention wealth – they immediately think money and riches. That, in itself is not wrong. What is a flaw though is that most people think that money and financial riches are the end all and be all of wealth.

Sadly, it acts itself out in everyday life. People chase money – at all costs! At the cost of their soul, physical health and relationships.

Manipulation, deceit, greed, egos and lies have all become synonyms of wealth creation.

To clearly define the building blocks of my Vision, I had to further define my definition of wealth as follows:

Spiritual Wealth – the ability to have a healthy relationship with 2 critical aspects of your life: your Higher Being and Yourself

Mental Wealth – the ability to think in a consistently positive, progressive and abundant way

Physical Wealth  – the ability to keep your body fit and healthy for life! It is your ability to nurture your body in a way that allows you to consistently perform at the peak of your life

Relationship Wealth – the ability to have healthy, long lasting relationships with your family, friends, colleagues or business associates

Career Wealth – the ability to find a job or pursue a career that gives you complete satisfaction

Financial Wealth – the ability to use your remuneration from your career wealth to build assets that will generate passive income and allow you to ultimately live a debt free lifestyle

Pleasurable Wealth - the ability to use some of your career wealth remuneration to enjoy life and reward yourself

Charitable Wealth - the ability to use some of your career wealth remuneration to bless others and your ability to use some of your time, skill and talents to bless others

Whilst financial wealth is great, it means very little if you have a spiritual void in your life. Money and riches are fantastic but mean absolutely nothing if they rob you of your time with family.

How lovely it is to have a fat, healthy bank balance. But if you are constantly in and out of hospital due to ill-health, you can’t really enjoy that money.

How great it is to build a business that generates incredible profits and gets you listed on the Forbes “100 Wealthiest People In The World”. However, if it comes with manipulating others and sleepless nights, I’d rather pass!

I can go on and on giving examples of why having financial wealth is just not enough when we talk about being wealthy in the true sense.

And so the key to a sound definition of wealth is balance. Without balance, we become one dimensional.

There is an incredible irony when you mention wealth and one-dimensional in one sentence. It is this irony that has given birth to Wealthy Mindset® having the following primary objective: get society thinking of wealth as a concept that goes way beyond the boundaries of material and money.

In fact, it’s this objective that also gave birth to the pay off line being: “Wealth Begins With Your Mindset”.

4. Running encompasses all aspects of Wealth

In 2007, when I listed Completing the Comrades Marathon as one of my goals in life, I had no idea of the incredible parallels between Running and Wealth.

Eight years down the line and three successful Comrades Marathon finishes later, I can safely say that running and wealth are cousins if not siblings.

Running – as a hobby and now an integral part of my life – has made the concept of wealth real and tangible. From a mere 5km training run to a 42km race, there are fundamental wealth creation principles to be learnt.

I have seen God’s hand move in amazing ways over the past six years of my running. My mental strength has enhanced in ways I cannot explain as a direct result of the Comrades Marathon, a race dubbed “The Ultimate Human Race”. My fitness levels are second to none! Through running, I have met incredible people and established valuable relationships.

All the above has brought much needed practical meaning to spiritual wealth, mental wealth, physical wealth and relationship wealth.

I’ve learnt some incredible lessons along the way. I’ve found liberation. I’ve tasted the benefits of living abundantly and beyond the limitations of mediocrity.

In line with my Vision of sharing, “RunForWealth” was born with the Vision of helping its audience “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”. The Vision encompasses the following 5-fold mission:

  • Run
  • Eat Well
  • Connect
  • Lead
  • Enjoy Life

As I write this post, “RunForWealth” is a mere six months old. It’s early days. Much like I could never have imagined the significance of successfully completing my first Comrades Marathon, I doubt I can fully comprehend the direction this website and the concept is going to take.

For now, I’d like to share all my running experiences with you. I’d also like to use running to share my understanding of what living a life of abundance is all about. Through that, I sincerely hope I can contribute positively to your life.

I really hope that you will find value in the content you will find on the “RunForWealth” platform.

God Bless!

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  1. Maniki
    3 years ago

    This is inline with my concepts as well, I have always asked myself how a person can plan to be financially wealthy but never plans to have a mental and physical presence that allows him/her to enjoy financial wealth he/she has created. On top of this all, there lies your spiritual being, of which to me I think it is automatically there before birth… Big ups to the website. Ngiyak’vuma khuloku Baba Peteni. Baby steps also grow ;-)

    • Peteni
      3 years ago

      Firstly, thanks a million for your lovely comments Maniki.

      As a fellow runner, with much more running experience than myself and more Comrades Marathons under your belt, you fully understand the concept of wealth from a physical health and running perspective. More importantly, as your rightly point out, without being spiritually in tune, it creates an unhealthy imbalance.

      Once again, thanks for your comments

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