2016 Annual Activity Review

personal development coaching tools

So 2016 has come and gone.

Much like companies who reflect on their progress, I am going to do the exact same.

Why? Because I am CEO of my life.

I want to know what’s going on in my life. I want to know what’s going right and of course, what’s going wrong.

In fact, look at what Maya Angelou has to say about success:

time management activities

Through analysis, I know I can then get better and grow from strength to strength.

2016 was a splendid year. As I look forward to an even greater 2017, I want to know which areas of my life I can improve.

And the best place to start is by analysing what actually happened in the previous year.

With this report, I intend to achieve the following objectives:

  • summarize my 2016 activities
  • look for areas of improvement in 2017
  • get rid of activities that aren’t adding value to my life

The above are personal objectives.

But, I have a much bigger objective, and that is to live up to the the crux of Run For Wealth, a platform built to help its audience “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

I hope, through reading this annual activity report, you’ll be able to learn some basic, yet fundamental tips that can help you live a more fulfilling life.

This report is probably about 85% correct. However, at this point, that’s the least of my worries. My priority is to manage my life effectively by managing my time and activities and then as a ripple effect of that – help others to do the same.

I think this report will achieve that.


I believe we all need to strive for a balanced life. And yes, it is difficult to strike the balance, given the hectic lives we lead.

But striking that balance is possible!

Below is a summary of how I lived my life in 2016:

time management activities

I’ve broken it down per quarter and it shows some interesting patterns and this will help me with my planning for 2017.

*The Annual Average percentage figures in red are slightly different from the percentage figures I will give as a break down in the following paragraphs.


I had a really great year spiritually. God was awesome – as always!

However, I know fully well that the health of my spiritual journey is a two-way process.

God initiated it. He showed his love, grace and mercy by sending me Jesus Christ – his one and only son – to die for my sins.

Equally important, God has a will and purpose for my life.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God wants me to live an obedient, abundant and fulfilling life so I can serve him with excellence.

To do this, I focus on the following key areas of my spiritual journey:

  • Reading his Word
  • Prayer
  • Plugging into a Spiritual Home

Below, is a summary of how I spent my time on those activities:

define time management

I spent just under 10% of my life on my spiritual growth.

As I’ve indicated, striking that balance can be difficult. In Q4, you’ll notice that I did not read my Bible at all.

Overall, I was happy.

In 2017 – I need to maintain.


I spent a mere 0.68% of my life on this area. I’ve been really pap at it. That time was spent on reading a few (less than 3) books and some online marketing training.

I’ve been pathetic in this area and this is the one area that needs a lot of improvement.


What a great year I had in terms of my career growth.

I spent just under 40% of my life on my career in 2016. Below is a breakdown:

personal development coaching tools

personal development coaching tools

personal development coaching tools

personal development coaching tools

Without a shadow of doubt, this area remains one of the most critical.

For most of us, this is where we spend most our lives. And this is the exactly why we should spend this time doing what we are passionate about.


I spent most of my career time on NRC. What a blessing that has been.


  • Growing into one of the largest NRC hubs worldwide
  • Staging epic events like the Lunar Epic Run

  • Successfully launching NRC in Soweto
  • Executing a fantastic Soweto Marathon training journey
  • Helping thousands of athletes to successfully participate in and complete the annual Soweto Marathon

And then, of course, the highlights would be incomplete if I didn’t mention the NRC global shoot that I was part of.

This was a massive international production, where we did a shoot for the Nike+ Run Club Emerging Markets Holiday Season campaign.

What an epic experience it was!


Run For Wealth

I spent only 4% of my time on Run For Wealth.

Sounds crazy right, considering Run For Wealth is the pillar and cornerstone of my work.

Most of my time was spent creating content

I have indicated in all my monthly reports that the bulk of my work is online marketing. As such, I am happy that in 2016 I was able to launch 3 online businesses in different niches:

I believe in the power of synergy and all my online marketing activities are inter-linked.

All 3 online businesses were created using a powerful online marketing community known as Wealthy Affiliate. This platform is geared at helping people turn their passions into profitable businesses.

Bitcoin Insights provides online bitcoin education. I am particularly interested in Bitcoins and myself and my best friend have partnered together on this initiative.

Monetize Your Passion Online is geared at showing people how I build my online business. Through this platform, I encourage people to consider online marketing as an income generation option. That platform will also be used to unite runners from all over the world and get them to run marathons worldwide.

Lose Weight From Running… well, pretty self-explanatory right? It’s a platform geared at helping individuals lose weight, primarily through running. As an Independent Distributor of Herbalife, I will also use the platform to market Herbaife products.

I am also keen on developing Run For Wealth into a speaking and leadership development programme – hence the “Run A Fulfilling Life Race” keynote talk and leadership programme.

Although I did absolutely no work on that in the past year, I’m remaining faithful that an awesome opportunity will avail itself in the near future.

Run Your First is a project I’ve embarked on with a few running mates. We spent last year strategizing. There’s lots in the pipeline for 2017 and I’m hoping to share that on this platform as we roll things out.

World Ventures – I signed up with World Ventures last year and the only work I’ve done is research. 2017 is going to be interesting where this is concerned.

From the summary, you will see that I am interested in properties and commodities. I started investing in properties at a very young age. I had built up a pretty descent portfolio. Unfortunately, due to some stupid decisions, those properties got repossessed.  However, I am going to get back into property investments with a bang!

I have a very small juice business, primarily focusing on the logistics side of things.

Occasionally, I get told about existing business opportunities. I also get invited to business presentations from time to time. That’s the time reflected under the Investigating Other Business Opportunities.

As you can see, there is quite a lot happening in my career and in 2017, I need to make some smart decisions and use my time very wisely.


Life is built (or destroyed) on relationships.

It’s an area where we need to proactively nurture our important relationships.

I spent approximately 12% of my life on this area in 2016. The breakdown is highlighted below:

time management activities

This area is obviously linked to my down-time/ leisure time and you’ll see that I have reflected that later in the report.


  • Family birthdays
  • Family functions
  • Girlfriend’s birthday
  • Girlfriend’s special events and functions
  • Friends and colleague birthdays
  • Friends and colleagues functions
  • Vacations

There are many other important events and functions that take place, but these are the key ones.

I love how Facebook has summarized my relationships:


As an avid athlete, I often say people assume that I spend most of my life running or training.

However, as is evident from the summary below, that is far from the truth:

time management activities

I split my physical training into gym sessions and running.

When I’m in the gym, I do a lot of Kettle Bells training for strength, speed and an overall well-balanced cross-training.

It may come as no surprise that the highlights for the year were the races completed:

  • Johnson Crane Marathon (January)
  • Om Die Dam 50km Ultra-marathon (March)
  • Two Oceans 56km Ultra-marathon (April)
  • Wally Hayward Marathon (May)
  • Comrades Marathon (May)
  • Soweto Marathon (November)
  • Tough One 32km (November)

Over the year, I covered just 2 000 kms. Not too shabby for a dude who was once asthmatic and could hardly cover 5 kms without struggling.

Praise be to God!


Money is such an important resource in our lives.

Every time I hear people quote scripture and say crazy things like “money is the root of all evil”. I cringe.


Because money is only evil when you have an unhealthy relationship with it. If you disrespect money, it will disrespect you.

As such, I try by all means to have a healthy relationship with money by tracking how I spend my money. From thh tracking, I try to plan and look for opportunities to grow it.

In 2016, as you can see below, I spent approximately 1% of my life on financial management activities:

personal development coaching tools

This is the time I use to manage my money.

To do this, I use a budget sheet and track my income against my monthly expenditure.

Ultimately, the financial management has 5 objectives:

  1. Give glory to God for the ability he has given me to have a career and earn an income
  2. Ensure I spend less than what I earn
  3. Grow the income I earn through investment into new or existing projects
  4. Dedicate a part of my earnings towards helping others and extending God’s generosity
  5. Have fun and celebrate the fruits of my work

Considering that I spent just over 1% of my time on managing my money, I think it is time very well spent.


Having a giving and generous attitude and spirit does wonders for one’s progress in life.

When you give to others – especially those you don’t intend to benefit from – shifts your paradigm.

In a world where most are self-centred and greedy, developing a charitable persona makes life that little bit more fulfilling,

personal development coaching tools

I spent just under 1.5% of my time on charity work, the bulk of which was spent of collecting clothes and distributing them to the need in and around Soweto.

Once a month, I also get together with my mentee to discuss his progress on his studies and various other areas of his life.


Life is hectic!

I doubt anyone will ever disagree with that. And that’s exactly why we need to find down time to let loose and hve some fun.

Fun and leisure means different things to different people.

To me, it means having a combination of time alone and time with people I consider integral to my life.

In my personal down time, I love watching television – particularly sports.

Below is a breakdown of my leisure time:

personal development coaching tools

Most notably from the breakdown above is the time I spend on Social Media (non work-related).

I spent almost 3% of my life on social media. And that’s a very conservative average of 45 mins per day.

Imagine if I didn’t measure it?

One of the highlights was definitely the vacation to Xai Xai, Mozambique. Myself and my girlfriend went there with 2 other couples and we had a blast and a half!


how to have a healthy relationship

what makes a good relationship

Leisure is a huge part of our life.

But, I strongly believe that leisure has to be a controlled activity.

If it isn’t controlled, it tends to get out of control, run away with your life and destroy you.

This is one tricky area of life that requires smart monitoring.


Wouldn’t we all love our lives to sort themselves out?

Most people can barely afford a personal assistant.

And those that can, will also tell you that a PA can only do so much.

Admin sucks!

Yes it does. I mean who enjoys doing the small, often boring stuff?

But without doing that stuff, things get chaotic.

Again, we can all define administrative functions differently.

Below is a breakdown of the administrative activities that have to happen for my life to stay intact:

time management activities

I spent 6% of my life travelling to and fro meetings and income generation activities.

That’s a heck of a lot of time!

Overall – I’m happy with the 11.23% spent.

Time Management

I often get asked: “So why didn’t you just include this in the Admin section?”

The answer is always a “yep, I could have”.

Personally, I just want to separate the amount of time I specifically spend on tracking how I use my time.

In essence, everything I track and the reports I compile to track and analyse my life took less than 5% of my life as per the breakdown below:

time management activities

Honestly, I’d give 5% of my life on any day to keep track of my life.


2016 was great!

God proved himself to be an awesome God, as always.

But, He can only work with what I present to him.

He has given me the gift of life. My gift back to him is to strive to live my life to the fullest, in accordance to his purpose for my life.

The other side of the coin is that there were may plans that didn’t materialize in 2016. But, I’ve come to learn and accept that it’s fine for things to go wrong or delay. It keeps me in prayer and rooted in leaning on God’s strength versus my own.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading the report. More importantly, I hope it has inspired you to start managing your life more effectively so you can “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

God Bless!

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