15 Types Of Characters Who Hate The Process To Success

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We all want to succeed, right?

Actually, not!

“We all want to succeed” is one of the biggest fallacies.

Whilst we all dream of achieving certain goals in life, according to our definition of success, I’ve come to realize that there certain characters who simply hate the process to success.

If they hate the process, my natural assumption is that they don’t really want to succeed.

On the 29th of May 2016, I ran my fifth Comrades Marathon. And I am still amazed by how many people still send me inboxes messages on social media saying: “Hi, I’d love to start running. How do I get started?”.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with message. However, if you’ve sent me that same message 3 or 4 times in the past 4 years, then I start to worry.

I also get a lot of FB inbox inquiries about the Nike+ Run Club.

So the conversation will go something like this:

Person inquiring: “Hi, I’d love to join NRC. How do I go about it?”

Me: “Oh! Fantastic. You can visit www.nike.com/joburg. On there, click on “NRC” and it will direct you to our calendar. On the page, click on the session you’d like to join. You then need to book your spot for the session.”

Person inquiring: “So how much does it cost?”

Me: “It’s Free.”

Person inquiring: “Really? What’s the catch.”

Me: “Yep. Absolutely Free. And there’s no catch. Just come through and have a blast.”

Person inquiring: “Excellent. I’m so inspired! See you at the next session.”

Me: “Lovely! Can’t wait to see you there.”

80% of the time, the person doesn’t pitch. And I know this because a large percentage of the people who send me the messages are people I know personally. The balance (those I don’t know personally) will often come through at the live session and tell me that they are so pleased to come to their first session.

And those who are really shy, will send me a message after the session giving me their awesome (yep, it always is awesome) feedback.

Outside of running, I’ve noticed a similar pattern in other areas of my life. When people are keen to start their spiritual journey, there’s a similar trend. When people are keen to start blogging, I notice a similar trend. When people are keen to start their own business, I notice a similar trend.

As a result, I have learnt that there are 2 types of people who would love to achieve success:

  1. those who are willing to listen, learn and put in the effort (apply) what they learn
  2. those who hate the process to success

In all my work, I have learnt that I can’t waste my efforts on the second type. I simply can’t.

Yes, they might be inspired and declare that they are incredibly keen to achieve whatever goals they’ve set. They might ask questions and seem like they are ready. But, it is all hype and inspiration.

Nothing wrong with hype and inspiration. But, inspiration is the very first (of many parts) of the process to success. The next part of the long process to success is what I call revelation.

And once you’ve received that personal, internal, deep sense of why you really want to achieve your goals, then you fall into category “1”.

The content I publish on this blog will always be read by people who fall into both categories. Yet, those who I target are category “1” people.

I’m not really interested in the category “2” audience until they migrate themselves to category “1”.

But, the question begs: what type of people fall into category “2”?

This post seeks to iron that out. And I hope it can help you identify any characteristics that you might be displaying. In so doing, I hope I can help you migrate to category “1”.

Character Type 1: Don’t Want To Be Creative

Success, at it’s root, is about creativity.

Unfortunately, we live in world where we seek “ready made success”.

“Run For Wealth” was created from NOTHING!

In life, you have to learn the art of use your gifts, talents, skill and life experiences to find deep inspiration and create something meaningful.

Solution: Be Creative!

Character Type 2: I Base My Life Decisions On Money

The process to success starts with your passion, not money.

The cliche might irk you.

But, it’s a fact of life that you ignore at your own peril.

Solution: Base your decisions on Passion.

Character Type 3: I Refuse To Plan

Planning is the start of any significant process.

Yes, it is boring.

Yes, it is tedious.

But, it can’t be avoided.

Solution: Plan everything.

Character Type 4: I Have Information Phobia

Success revolves around information. And information, in the tech savvy generation that we live in, is often FREE.

To succeed, you have to pro-actively look for information.

I’m amazed at how many people will ask me: “so how do you do this?” (“this” often means my ability to train for Comrades Marathon)

And people that ask this question are often my social media friends and people very close to me.

Deep inside, before I respond, I say to myself: “but, I have been sharing my each and every move for the past 6 years”. In fact, I have even started a blog that has all the information anyone could ever need.

The same question often comes when I tell them I an Online Marketer.

The very next question is “what is online marketing?”

So, I’ve gone and published a post that comprehensively answers what online marketing is all about. In fact, I’ve gone further by addressing “how to start an online business”.

But, people don’t want to read. And those that do read, don’t want to apply.

If you hate reading and searching for information or read but are mentally lazy to apply, then you need to forget about success.

Solution: Proactively seek information that will enhance you and apply it.

Character Type 5: I Find Routines Boring

Every successful person I have studied follows a routine. There is nothing erratic about their life.

They have a daily, weekly and monthly routine.

Are they robotic?

Absolutely not! But, they have found a routine that works and they cash in on it.

Solution: Establish a life routine.

Character Type 6: I Am Lazy

This is an obvious one isn’t it?

But lazy people seldom declare that they are lazy. Instead, they will use all sorts of excuses to justify their laziness.

In my circle of spiritual acquiantances, people will say things like “I’m waiting for the holy spirit” to justify complete laziness.

Solution: Do something every day, no matter how big or small the activity, that will lead you closer to your dreams.

Character Type 7: I Don’t Have Time

When you scroll through your social media feeds, almost everyone is a “hustler”.

They are pursuing opportunities left, right and centre.

They seem to be on the move.

Whilst being constantly busy looks cool and makes a lot of people look and sound important, it is often draining and causes you start numerous projects and leave them unfinished.

Most successful people who have pursued numerous projects often did that one step at a time.

Solution: Master your time usage by doing less and being laser focused.

Character Type 8: I Despise Challenges

Most hard times and challenges are the exact fire you need to go through to become authentic gold.

In addition, success is the result of solving simple and complex problems.

You will never solve anything if you’ve never experienced challenges.

Avoiding challenges on one hand and seeking success on the other is schizophrenic behaviour.

Solution: Embrace Your Challenges and Become a Problem Solver.

Character Type 9: I Don’t Value Spiritual Health

We are all spiritual beings.

And many think spirituality is farce.

Everything that you see, touch and smell was conceived in spirit way before it existed.

An idea that exists mentally has it’s origin from the depths of your spirit.

If you don’t value the significance of your spiritual existence, the process to success becomes a very frustrating and complex one.

Solution: Acknowledge Nurture your spirit.

Character Type 10: I Don’t Think Good Health Is A Priority

You have ONE body only.

Take care of it.

It is not optional, and I give you 10 Reasons Why Taking Care Of Your Body Is Not Optional.

Solution: Eat well. Exercise regularly. Rest adequately.

Character Type 11: I Want To Be Famous At All Costs

Success comes with influence. It follows naturally, that the more successful you become, fame becomes a by-product.

Unfortunately, fame has become a “chase at all costs” phenomenon. On social media, people want the largest number of friends and followers.

In the business and corporate world, people want to be in with the “cool and happening elite”, regardless of costs.

If you want to build long lasting success, don’t chase fame. Focus on the right priorities and fame will follow.

Solution: Chase a solid reputation, add value and people will naturally follow you.

Character Type 12: I Live For Today

“Live life to the fullest and let tomorrow take care of itself” is a common phrase among people who care less about their future.

In fact, most will even tell you the Bible has such a scripture.

But, context is key.

As I write this post, I have no freaking clue what will happen to me tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. But, this is no excuse for me to live like there’ll be no tomorrow.

I have to live by faith. And through this faith, I ask God for favour and increased years of life. After all, it is His Purpose to use me. And so everyday, I read his Word and Pray to declare his Word back to Him and thank him for his blessings and protection everyday.

Given the above, I am fully convinced that I need to plow seeds today so I can reap benefits in future.

My success today is the result of seeds I planted many years ago. The fruits I will enjoy in 2020 will be the result of seeds I plant today.

Solution: Be futuristic in your outlook on life and plow seeds.

Character Type 13: It Is Never My Fault

One of the best ways to get your journey to success underway is to take full responsibility of your actions.

Blaming everyone but yourself is childish.

At some point, you need to look straight into the mirror, and realize that the person you see is either your worst enemy or best partner to success.

Solution: Take full responsibility of all your actions.

Character Type 14: I Don’t Respect Money

It goes without saying that these character types will seldom declare this with their own mouths.

But, you see it in their attitudes towards money.

If they have money, it has to be blown. Often, on stuff they can’t afford at the time.

To be financially successful requires you to respect money.

And this starts when you have little. They often say: “take care of the cents and the rands will take care of themselves”.

In other words, you need to have a budget in your life. If you don’t know how much you are spending, relative to your income, then you are in trouble.

If you don’t allocate a budget for investment into new projects or business ideas or re-investment into current projects ideas and business ideas, then you can’t expect to succeed.

And this is NOT about the amount of money you earn, but rather the principle of understanding how you grow your money.

Don’t settle for a lifestyle that says it is ok to have more month than money. Getting broke before you next pay day is a massive stumbling block to success, especially financial success.

Solution: Manage your money wisely and learn how to grow it.

Character Type 15: I Believe In Self-Made Success

I truly believe that “self-made success” is hogwash! And here are 10 Reasons Why I Believe “Self-Made Success” is hogwash.

Solution: Be humble. Appreciate and acknowledge all the relationships and support you have


As Biz Stone, the Co-founder of Twitter, puts it: “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success”.

The point is less about the 10 years itself, but more about the fact that success takes time.

It is a process!

Cheat it at your own peril.

I’ve learnt that you can NEVER run a marathon or the Comrades Marathon without training for it.

Trying to run without the necessary training will lead to disaster on race day.

Success is no different!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the post. More importantly, I really hope you’ve derived benefit from it as you continue along this unending journey called “Success”.

God Bless!

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