14 Distractions You Need To Avoid To Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s the New Year and once again that all too famous cliché of New Year’s Resolutions will become the buzz phrase for the first couple of weeks of 2016.

I am a huge fan of resolutions.

In giving the word “resolution” some thought, you quickly find out it is derived from the word “resolve”. To achieve anything meaningful in life, you need to have some level of resolve.

The definition of “resolve” is “admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering”.

Despite the definition, year after year, millions of people put together goals and resolutions and fall horribly short of those goals because they waver.

In this post, I’ve listed every day distractions that you need to resolve to avoid if you want to pursue your passion and achieve your goals.

1. Being a Social Media Butterfly

With the new trends of hashtags, it’s so easy to get sucked up by social media.

If it’s not Whatsapp, it’s Twitter. If not Twitter, you are on Instagram or Facebook. In my opinion, these are the main social media platforms at the moment. But, there are plenty others.

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Whilst it seems cool to have thousands of ‘followers’ and ‘friends’, they have the potential to distract you.

Having your mobile phone go off every other minute at the sound of notifications as people ‘like’ and comment on your social media posts can chow so much of your valuable be time.

Use social media wisely!

2. Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships are a huge distraction. They consume a lot of your emotions and energy, often creating negative vibes and internal turmoil.

Be it your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends or colleagues, be careful of unhealthy relationships.

This is especially applicable to intimate relationships. Too many people fear being single and would rather hang on to an unhealthy relationship that is filled with all sorts of distractions.

If you can, get out of them!

Being single is one of the best things one can do for themselves if they want to live a focused life.

3. Addictive Television

Television is a good and necessary form of entertainment.

However, it is a massive time waster.

If you easily get addicted by soapies, sports channels, reality shows and all those other programmes that have the potential to chow hours of your time everyday, you need to cut down.

4. Being a Party Animal

Unless you career is entertainment, being seen at every single party and club around town is a sure sign you will not achieve anything in 2016.

It takes a lot of energy to party. It also takes a lot of energy and time to recover physically, mentally and emotionally from excessive partying.

5. Turn Ups

Being the centre of attraction at parties and clubs because you are able to splash your cash limitlessly, is a very subtle distraction.

When you spend like it’s going out of fashion, your finances will eventually become a mess. Recovering from that mess is a distraction you can ill-afford.

In addition, turn ups attract the wrong crowd. It goes without saying that having the wrong crowd around is bound to distract you.

Instead, focus on getting the right type of people around you. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary turn ups.

6. Unnecessary Meetings

People love being busy. They want to hustle and constantly be on the move.

This distraction is also a very subtle one because being busy is often mistakenly understood to mean productivity.

Whilst it may seem attractive to be in and out of meetings as you chase your goals and resolutions, be careful not to find yourself caught up in unnecessary meetings.

Learn how to master your time usage.

7. Over-eating

Food can be a massive distraction.

Mentally, you can’t think straight when you constantly have food on your mind.

Physically, you become slack when you over-eat and that affects your levels of productivity.

8. Excessive Indulging in Booze

My dad often says, “Son, alcohol is a great companion but a terrible master”.

Excessive indulging is a sure sign that alcohol is a master in your life.

Serving alcohol isn’t cool at all.

The hang-overs and bad decisions you make when you are tipsy or drunk are enough to lead you down a path of complete distraction and destruction.

Over-eating and excess indulging of booze are like cousins. Together, they combine to mess your body up – the only vehicle you have to implement and enjoy the fruits of your success.

Take care of your body. In fact, here are reasons why taking care of your body should never be optional.

9. Overly Spiritual People

As a Christian, I have found overly spiritual people to be very interesting when it comes to resolutions and goals.

If you want to achieve anything significant, you have to work. In fact, you have to work hard!

Be very careful of people who use words like “grace”, “mercy” and “waiting on God or the Holy Spirit” to perpetuate their laziness.

These type of people will distract you and make you feel good about procrastinating.

Be wise!

10. Being a Fitness Fanatic

“Don’t be a fitness fanatic” sounds crazy and almost ironic coming from someone who runs 5 times per week and is in the gym a minimum of 3 times per week.

Despite all those crazy hours spent on training and staying fit, I spend less than 20% of my time on physical fitness.

Here, I am talking about people who live in the gym everyday – and spend in excess of 4 hours per day.

These people are addicted – to a point where their excessive time spent training begins to eat into their productive time and affect other areas of their life.

11. Gossiping

This is one of the most powerful distractions. Gossips are very contagious and once you become a gossip, it’s almost like getting hooked onto alcohol.

Be it at work or in your social circles, refuse to get involved in gossiping.

Gossips take numerous coffee and smoke breaks at work, to gossip. Gossips will spend hours on the phone, work land line or mobile, gossiping. Gossips will drive from one end of town to the other just to gossip.

The ingredients to gossips are lies, jealousy and greed.

Those ingredients will get you no where fast,

12. Promiscuity

Having more than one partner is an incredible distraction.

Not only is it a distraction, but it is an invite to destruction in your life.

The energy, time and monetary resources required to make one relationship work is more than enough to keep you incredibly busy.

When there is more than one, you suddenly are faced with a juggling act that often (if not always) leads one down a pit.

It often feels incredibly awesome to be a player as a guy. The adrenaline is second to none. The ‘accolades’ from your ‘boys’ pumps your ego to sky-high levels. In the end, when it all crumbles, it often destroys you.

Likewise for ladies, having numerous sexual relationships – for whatever reasons – is potentially catastrophic.

13. Unnecessary shopping

Back in the day, this used to be a distraction for ladies.

In recent years, men have jumped on the band wagon as well.

People shop so they can upload different and interesting pics on Instagram. People shop as a means of therapy.

Honestly, nothing wrong with spending some hard-earned cash as a means of rewards.

Like anything else, when the shopping begins to control you, you are officially in trouble and are faced with real danger of wasting loads of cash and huge amounts of time.

14. Fatigue

Getting mentally or physically drained is one of the biggest distractions.

Pursuing your goals or resolutions requires a consistent and significant amount of effort. In the midst of challenges, betrayal, disappointment and all the other awesome ingredients that come with wanting to achieve your dreams, you are bound get tired – physically and/or mentally – at some point.

Avoid it. Get loads of rest. Plan your life and make sure you schedule a lot of “you” time for much needed downtime.


Whenever you plan do something great, rest assured you will get all sorts of challenges along the way to distract you.

Achieving goals and winning comes with some hard lessons.

Cunningly, a lot of those distractions are ‘feel good’ distractions. The booze, chicks, parties, etc all feel good when you partake in them, but they are often a massive waste of time if you are serious about achieving your life goals.

Despite my awareness of these distractions, I will never exempt myself from being a victim of these distractions.

Why? Because knowledge and awareness is one thing. Having the will-power to consistently act on your knowledge is a completely different ball game that requires in incredible amount of resolve.

Lastly, understand that a lot of these distractions crop up regularly – daily, if not weekly. So your resolve is not a once a quarter activity. Resolve is not about beginning of the year hype. It’s about understanding that you need to make a personal commitment to yourself that you will pursue your goals with intention and purpose, regardless of the numerous challenges and distractions that life WILL (not may) throw at you.

Never under-estimate these distractions. Through this post, I hope you will acknowledge these distractions and begin to take wise decisions that will catapult your life to heights that will blow your mind away.

Wishing you a super blessed and prosperous 2016!

God Bless!

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