13 Benefits Of Serving In Your Church

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When I first attended church, like most, I was completely lost. My life was a mess and the ONLY reason I had attended that service was because my girlfriend at the time had forced me to do so.

Attending church was a far-fetched dream.

Being a partner and serving in one of the ministries was simply unimaginable.

Fast forward to 2016, seven years later, and I’ll be celebrating my 7th anniversary as a partner at Rivers Church.

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It’s been an incredible journey of growth and hopefully over the next few paragraphs I can share a snippet of the journey by giving you a couple of reasons why I serve.

In sharing these, I really hope I can:

  • give meaning to what it means to be a servant
  • inspire you to start serving at your local church
  • re-ignite that passion to serve again if you’ve served before and you lost steam along the way (trust me that happens)

1. You Deal With All Kinds Of People

People are at the centre of life. Everything you will ever do in life has got something to do with another person.

Over the seven years, I have learnt invaluable skills in dealing with people.

When I first started parking cars in 2009, we would park hundreds of cars. Fast forward to 2016, we now park thousands of congregants each service.

Some are difficult whilst others are rude and impatient. Many will greet you with a smile whilst others will drive past as if you are non-existent. Some will gladly follow your instructions whilst some will demand to do as they wish.

I could go on and on listing a number of experiences. It’s suffice to say that I was once offered a beating by a congregant for carrying out my duties.

In the many experiences – both good and bad – I have learnt to deal with people in ways I could never imagine.

2. You Learn To Get Led

The Car Park Ministry is a massive team that consists of hundreds of volunteers and a number of different teams.

define servant

Each team has a Team Leader.

Regardless of status, race, culture, age or sex, respecting and honoring those who’ve been placed in leadership is critical to personal growth.

3. You Lead Others Effectively

Over the 7 years, I have been a team leader for 4 of those years.

Each team has between 8 and 15 members who all need to work together to park thousands of cars.

The church campus has numerous entrances and spots where people can park.

Team Leaders are given the task of ensuring that they help all congregants park seamlessly. It is a huge task that requires you to lead your team and deal with the numerous challenges presented by some of the difficult members of church.

4. You Become Committed

Commitment has become such a rare commodity these days.

Most people want to live a very lose and uncommitted life. They want to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

They hate rules. They despise structure.

And yet without commitment, you can never build a solid life.

Serving in church increases your levels of commitment.

5. You Understand That You Don’t Always Have To Get Paid For Your Services

Don’t we all love the benjamins?

Nothing wrong with getting paid for your services. However, you don’t ALWAYS have to get paid for offering your services.

That’s the spirit of volunteering. You are essentially saying “I am willing to give my time and skills and I expect nothing in return”.

The irony of volunteering is that you get so much in return. Far more than what money could ever buy.

In the long term though, blessings (including money) will chase you – and overtake you!

6. You Are Able To Overcome Challenges

Serving comes with numerous challenges.

The reality is that most of us decide to go church when our lives are a mess. Taking a decision to serve whilst you try to navigate your way through your challenges is not easy.

Then there are team challenges. In any team, there are different cultures and personalities, all coming together with one mission: to serve God’s people. Those differences can, and often, pose challenges.

How can I forget the congregants themselves. I have already mentioned that church members can be incredibly difficult.

All the above challenges are real dynamics of church and serving. Serving helps you to overcome – provided you commit.

7. You Become Solution Driven

Why on earth does God give us challenges?

If this question has never crossed your mind, I suggest you start thinking about it. Perhaps it has, and you struggle to get an answer.

May I can shed some light.

Let me start off by saying that there two different challenges in life.

The first type is self-engineered. These are the challenges that we willingly or unwillingly create. A lot of the challenges we experience are self-engineered. For the purpose of this point, I am not referring to self-engineered challenges. (I’ll leave this for another day).

The second type is God-engineered. These are the challenges that God will bring into our life so we can grow, become more mature and eventually become solution driven individuals.

You are only able to become a solution driven individual when you have come across constructive challenges and overcome them.

When you serve and encounter all sorts of challenges, as described above, you begin to live from a solution based paradigm.

8.You Develop The Most Incredible Relationships

I have met the most amazing people in church.

What they have done for my spiritual and personal growth outside of church has been amazing.

More importantly, you don’t have to chase those relationships.

There are just too many people chasing relationships. They chase for boyfriends or girlfriends; husbands or wives. They chase business relationships. And often, what you chase misleads you. The danger with chasing is that you seldom have your thinking and discernment cap on.

In the end, you end up in terrible relationships that hurt you.

Relax. Take it easy and serve. You’ll be amazed at how authentic, solid relationships will begin to develop around you.

9. Your Learn To Submit

Submission is one of the toughest concepts to understandaccept and apply.

Submission means you first have to have faith and trust God when nothing makes sense.

Displaying faith and trusting God comes with an entire lifestyle that displays that you are willing to do more than just pay lip-service.

Serving is one of those activities that proves submission.

By listening and obeying your team leader, you display submission. By co-operating with your team members, you display submission.

I’ve often seen members of high social standing come into God’s Kingdom and take a decision to serve. Submitting often means they have to forget about their status in the secular world and make a concerted effort to take instructions from others.

Through serving, submission becomes real. It begins to have substance and meaning that is able to grow your life in unimaginable ways.

10. You Become Selfless

We live in a world that is incredibly ruthless.

People get betrayed by people they trust.

People get hurt by people they love.

People get used and abused by colleagues and bosses.

Over time, this often leads to selfish behavior, where people live by one rule only: “survival of the fittest”.

Serving helps you live selflessly despite the numerous challenges we all face, challenges that often lead us to become selfish.

11. Changes Your Life Paradigm

Many associate the word “serve” with loss or inferiority.

They believe that serving – which often comes with sacrifice and commitment – leads to loss.

They don’t think they can gain anything by serving.

However, when you begin to serve, you entire outlook on the concept changes.

You begin to realize that “serving” can only lead to growth and a better life.

12. Assists You Respect Time

Serving gives you a profound understanding of time.

It does so in two ways.

Firstly, it dispels the notion that “I’m too busy to serve”. I have found that people who serve are some of the most highly regarded people in society. As such, they have busy schedules. Yet, they MAKE time.

Secondly, it begins to highlight that being productive has very little to do with being incredibly busy. Serving teaches you to slow down in life. It teaches you to prioritize. It helps you to trust that God truly is the engineer of time and if you are willing to give him your time, He will help you to become productive and progress in life.

As a result, you stop chasing unnecessary stuff and begin to lead a life based on quality because you respect your time.

13. Helps You Add Value To The Secular World

It would all be futile if serving was only beneficial for church life.

But, I’ve found that serving and the numerous benefits it comes with, adds invaluable substance to your life skills.

Whether you are a student, employee, supervisor, manager or business owner – serving helps you add a significant amount of value to the secular world.

In a secular world where most are selfish, selflessness gives you the edge.

In a secular world where most want to live anyhow, commitment gives you the edge.

In a secular world where most are the cause of most challenges and problems, being the catalyst of solutions gives you the edge.

I can go on. But, I’m sure you get my drift.

There are enough people living a mediocre – I can give as little as I can – lifestyle. If you so much as “give” of yourself and serve, you will add incredible valuable to the secular world.


Serving and giving of your time and skills can often seem like a waste of time.

In fact, in the midst of your numerous challenges that you will face in your church life, I seldom blame those who refuse to serve in church.

But, God never promised us a life free of challenges. It was never his intention. It never will be.

What He did promise us was a prosperous and fulfilling life.

As a long distance athlete and 4 times Comrades Marathon finisher, I’ve come to learn that prosperity and fulfillment don’t come on a silver platter.

They come with much sacrifice and commitment.

Serving is one sure way of living a prosperous and fulfilling life.

I really hope this post will help you to either start serving, continue serving or to get back to serving in your local church.

God Bless!

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