10 Types Of People You Need To Succeed In Life

How To Become Wealthy

Relationships are the most important aspect of our lives.

Without others, we are worthless. And’s that exactly why I believe that “Self-made Success” is hogwash!

Relationships drive our career success. Relationships impact on our hobbies and how we spend our downtime. Relationships determine how we spend our money.

In this post, I want to highlight the 10 types of people who will help you get to your destination in life and fulfill your life purpose.

1. Like-minded

Where relationships are concerned, these are the people you need to spend most of your time with.

They have the same belief system. They think like you. And ultimately, through their beliefs and patterns of thought they have habits that are similar to yours.

If you were to place weight or percentage points to the amount of time you need to spend with these people, I would say at least 80%.

2. Generous

We live in a world of selfishness and greed. Most people want to take and take.

The irony is this: the more selfish and greedy we are, the less satisfied we become.

That’s why it’s important to foster relationships with people who give. These type of people give and serve others with their time, talents, skills and money WITHOUT expecting anything in return.

It’s tough to find these type of people. But, when you find them, treat them like gold. DON’T abuse them or take advantage because these people are not idiots. They’ll see right through your manipulation.

They give – without expecting – because they know that giving is the greatest blessing to the giver and recipient and the most effective way to create wealth.

Most importantly, they will teach you to be generous and serve others as well.

3. Loyal

Loyalty has become as elusive as morals and ethics.

People don’t value loyalty anymore. For many, they’ve been hurt too many times and they simply aren’t willing to invest 100% of their emotions, time and money into anything.

Fair enough. But, if you want to succeed in life, half measures won’t cut it.

We all get betrayed (more about that later).

Get over the betrayal and trust that you will find people who still value loyalty.

Believe it or not – they still exist!

4. Conservative

People who chase their dreams are often called “go-getters”.

They are driven and are often aggressive in their approach. Some, with an unhealthy “get it at all costs” attitude.

Nothing wrong with ambition and drive.

In all of this, you need a touch of calmness to slow you down at times and give you a different perspective.

This, you often find from conservative people.

Whilst they are not the ‘go-getter’, they add an incredible amount of value and often help you from taking self-destructive decisions.

Never under-estimate the quiet and calm.

5. Constructively Critical

These type of people are similar to you.

They are not conservative. They are just as driven and have often achieved everything you want to achieve.

They are brutally honest.

They don’t need to suck up to you.

But, they’ve often failed and learnt some tough lessons that they are willing to pass onto you in a straightforward manner.

Criticism is vital. Destructive criticism should be shunned and ignored unashamedly. The constructive type, painful and shattering as it often is, should be embraced with open arms.

6. ‘Insignificant’

They often say you can tell someone’s true character by the way they treat people who have nothing to offer them.

You need ‘insignificant’ people in your lives.

Try and develop a relationship with people that have nothing tangible to offer.

Those petrol attendants you take for granted, start valuing them.

Those car wash attendants you take for granted, start valuing them.

Those often irritating car park attendants at shopping malls, start valuing them.

Those security guards at your complex or workplace, start valuing them.

Those cleaners – be it your domestic worker or the cleaners at work – start valuing them.

The list of ‘insignificant’ people in your life is endless.

Yours is to identify them and develop a relationship with them. You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn from them and grow as well-balanced and complete individual.

7. Completely different

It is sad to see how intolerant we’ve become as human-beings.

In fact, I’d be the first to say that as Christians we have high levels of intolerance.

But, the reality is that you need people around you who are completely different to you.

Be it a difference in religion, sexual orientation or race, the fact remains that we all need to be shaped by those who are different to us.

Does that mean I should subscribe to their way of thinking or behavior?

Absolutely not!

It simply means I should be able to engage and co-exist with others. More importantly, I need to be able to do it in a respectful way that allows me to grow into a better person.

I did mention that you need most of your time with like-minded people. Likewise, you need to be able to spend some of your time (not most) with people who will challenge the way you think and behave.

Stay true to your convictions. But remember to always value, respect and appreciate those who are different.

8. Betrayers

Through the journey of life, we get betrayed. We get hurt by those we love. We get rejected and neglected by those we trusted most.

As a result, it seems easier to simply trust no one.

I’ve already mentioned that you will never live a fulfilling life if you trust no one. I am also NOT saying open yourself up to manipulative people.

What you need to do is develop the discernment to identify people who are loyal. And if they betray you, move on.

It will hurt. It will derail you – temporarily. It will delay your progress.

But, if you are willing to learn from betrayers, you will become a stronger and better person.

Personally, I trust God. I then believe with every ounce in me that He will bring trustworthy people into my life. If they betray me, so be it because I know that God will always have my back.

That way I don’t have to doubt and second-guess people, and I find myself wasting emotional energy.

I simply trust God, and the rest takes care of itself.

9. Spectators

Has it ever crossed your mind that you are the lead actor or actress in your life?

You are the Floyd Mayweather of your boxing match, the Roger Federer and Serena Williams of your tennis match, the Lionel Messi of your soccer match, the Lebron James of your Basketball game and the Usain Bolt of your 100m dash.

As such, you have spectators.

And spectators are very fickle! When things are going great, you are awesome. When things go slightly wrong, you are the worst thing ever.

They will boo and moo you. They will talk all sorts of nonsense at times. They will hate. They will show tendencies of jealousy.

Whatever the case, you can’t avoid them.

They are spectators. They are all over – especially on social media.

You need to develop a fine-tuned ear for the positives they bring into your life. In addition, you need to develop a mature approach towards the garbage they bring into your life.

You need spectators. They keep you on your toes, remind you of the targets and goals you’ve set for yourself and ultimately keep you true to your dreams.

10. Fun

The last bunch of people you need in your life are those who can turn it up.

They know how to have fun. They help you let loose.

It’s important to know that fun doesn’t mean you become irresponsible. It is very possible to have a crazy amount of fun, without being stupid and irresponsible.

Fun and downtime is incredibly important. Make sure you have people around you who can help you ease the stress of the fast-paced life we live.


We all need people to help us succeed.

Some will hurt you and spit in your face, whilst others will treat you like gold.

What’s most important is your attitude towards that treatment.

I hope this post will help you develop an attitude that allows you to draw the good out of every good and bad relationship you encounter.

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