Welcome to Run for Wealth!

The Vision of this website is to help you “Run A Fulfilling Life Race”.

As an Ultra-marathon athlete, I use my passion to help hundreds of runners to achieve their running potential.

I also believe that running and life have numerous parallels.

As such, on this online platform, I use running as a life metaphor to help my audience achieve their life potential.

To do this, I publish content that addresses what I consider to be the 8 Key Areas of Life.

The content I publish is geared at helping you:

  1. Build Faith (Spiritual )
  2. Become Mentally Strong (Mental)
  3. Get Fit (Physical)
  4. Build Strong Relationships (Relationships)
  5. Pursue a Fulfilling Career (Career)
  6. Create Financial Wealth (Financial)
  7. Have Fun (Leisure)
  8. Give Back (Contribution)

If any of the above appeals to you, you’ve come to the right place.

I am currently doing work as:

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God Bless!